Monday, 23 May 2011

More about the Coyotes


Hello again - Isobel has allowed me to continue to tell you some more about our Coyotes.

  Since we last posted, Isobel has recovered the article telling everyone about Charlie Coyote's arrival at the Wylye Coyotes After School Club in nearby Codford.  She also remembered that The Warminster Journal have agreed to our publishing the article in any blogging we did, provided we mentioned them - which we now have!  So, here is the article - just to prove I wasn't talking through my fur!  The picture clearly shows that Charlie in his purple coat, but I don't think you can see the logo that Isobel embroidered on it. (Sorry the picture is not clearer, but it's the best our scanner could do with the picture in The Warminster Journal itself).

While we are on the subject of Coyotes, we also have another version of Chuck, which has been named Light Brown Chuck Coyote (  Really think Isobel will have to re-name  him, because I do't think that's terribly original.  The reason he's that colour is that immediately after Charlie left us in January, we needed  a replacement for him in the Cuddlies family.  Isobel was in such a hurry that she pulled out the wrong package of plush fur, and without checking (she has a tendency to go at things in a hurry sometimes) and the final result was a very much lighter coloured version of a Coyote.  However, she liked the finished toy, she decided to name the new chap that, and began another one in the RIGHT colour this time, who is the one pictured in the ColdhamCuddlies shop at

This is the Light Brown version of Chuck Coyote.

 We'll have to see what Isobel and I can come up with in the re-naming stakes.  In the meantime, bye for now.           Your friend, Cy Bear.