Thursday, 13 February 2014

Here Comes Hector Hay Wolf - to join the ColdhamCuddlies Family

Greetings Everyone - Cy Bear dropping by to introduce the newest member of the ColdhamCuddlies Family to you.

Etsy Listing # 179170142
Hector Hay Grey Wolf is the Partner of  Hermione Hay Browney Gold Wolf ( Etsy Listing #178799382), who featured in Isobel's post here earlier this week. This photograph was taken of him standing on top of the desk in the Workroom here at The Hospital of St. John, and not the normal place where our photographs are taken.  Still, the colourful background actually shows Hector up better against the cream wall I think!

He has a Brown Tweed Jacket, with a tan satin lining, which covers a waistcoat made in the same Red Hay Tartan worn by Hermione.  Hector's White Felt Cravat, and double-button jacket hides this.  The waistcoat shown in the next picture  is actually the Buchanan Tartan, and made for a Custom Order.

 (Either fabric is readily available on request - as is the finished style of the jacket - and the collar.  The gentlemen Cuddly toys usually have a cravat at their necks, and this collar style tends to be used for the Ladies)

This picture is actually Mr. Buchanan Wolf  - as his jacket was being sewn into place.  He and his wife will be the subjects of our next post - because Hector and Hermione were made first so that Isobel could see how to make the Buchanans for MrsKN of Tacoma, Washington.  Isobel mentioned that we were delaying saying too much about them until we had received confirmation of their arrival, because we didn't want to spoil the surprise for her. 

 However, I'm delighted to say that we've heard from the USA that both Wolves travelled safely and we can expect some photographs of them in their Forever Home "at the week-end".  So I expect Isobel will wait until the pictures arrive before we tell you about Nick and Agatha Buchanan Wolf - as we have called them.  We really are excited at how quickly their journey was accomplished - Isobel  posted them from Warminster  on Friday, February 7 and they arrived in Tacoma WA on Tuesday, February 11. Now they did have an upgrade - from Standard Airmail Parcel rate to International Signed For rate - which does account for the rapid journey.

This is the second time we've used the upgrade route recently, and Isobel is thinking of introducing it as our normal postal delivery offer.  If she does, it will mean an extra £5.30 charge to The Americas, Canada, South Africa and Asia or £5.80 to the rest of the World (Russia,  Australia and New Zealand.  This will be added to the normal postal charge we show in our shop at Customers will be offered the choice, and should they decide to use the Standard Parcel rate, the difference will be refunded immediately the Toy leaves for his or her Forever Home.  But when a parcel travels so quickly to the furthest side of the USA in just 4 days from the date of posting, when the normal journey can take up to 4-5 weeks sometimes, I really don't think there is a problem in the decision!  However, THE CUSTOMER knows best and will have that option.

Now, having digressed somewhat, let us return to Hector.  Measuring 18" (40.55 cms) from tip of his ears to the soles of his boots, Hector's Head, Paws and Tail are made from a Flecked Grey Long Pile Faux Fur fabric sourced from my usual supplier.  Hector's eyes are Green Plastic, backed with a metal safety washer (an innovation, since Isobel discovered them in our haberdashery shop in Warminster recently).    His trousers are made in the jodhpur style favoured by English country riding gentlemen and fit into Brown Leather boots, made from an off cut of hand bag quality leather - which did take some sewing.  (It's a lot heavier quality than the usual glove quality leather we use for the Gentlemen's boots.)

He has a black  plastic nose - another new departure for the ColdhamCuddlies, who have all previously sported embroidered noses in either black or brown double knitting yarn.  The thicker pile of the current faux fur we are currently offering actually makes the plastic nose option a better one - Isobel spends too much  time loosening the pile from the needle and thread!  (Her language is sometimes not as ladylike as I'd like to hear when that happens, too!)

Like all COLDHAMCUDDLIES, Hector is stuffed with Polyester Fibrefil which meets all international safety standards, and he is made in a totally smoke free environment.

He is a Toy for all ages, but would make an ideal Forever Friend for Toddlers 3 years upwards - without any age limit.  Adults are more than welcome to adopt him - as has happened to his cousins, Nick and Agatha Buchanan Wolf.  

Hector's weight of 325 g (circa 12 ozs) enables him to travel as a Standard  Parcel worldwide - subject to the provisios outlined previously, which may shortly become Isobel's Shipping Policy for the Shop (

Isobel is now busy trying out another addition to the Cuddlies Family - Piglets.  They are going to be the smallest Cuddly on offer (being only 5 inches high - 10.25 cms).  They will be dressed, be Boy or Girl, and at present are in pieces waiting to be stuffed.  Isobel has had the pattern since she first began making Toys in the 1950's, but has actually never made them.  So, she's cut out 5 (three Girls - because we have a Custom Order for one) and two Boys).  It will be interesting to see how Isobel's arthritic fingers cope with their size.

I'm getting ready for some "expressions of feeling"!

Good night and good bye for the time being. It's been nice to be able to tell you about Hector.  Cy  Bear