Saturday, 16 February 2013

Meet the Three Foxes in Buchanan Tartan Dresses

Just listed at Limited Edition Collectable Chestnut Plush Furry Foxes
These Three (of Three) Limited Edition Chestnut Plush Furry Foxes, are dressed in Buchanan Tartan fabric - upcycled offcuts which would otherwise have been consigned to a local landfill site.   Each have two separate lines of RicRac trimming at the lower edge of their dresses - one in Orange fixed with embroidered Green French Knots, one with Yellow and Green French Knots, and the third with Dark Green RicRac and Yellow French Knots - illustrated below.

They each have a detachable Lime Green Felt Bonnet, edged with Primrose trimming, all measure 17 inches or 44 cms from the tip of their ears to the soles of their shoes and are meant to sit down. They weigh 260g each (circa 10 ounces) so, if travelling singly will be treated as a Standard Small Packet and charged as such by United Kingdom Royal Mail, both for international or within the UK journeys.

Assembled before being sewn together

They all have the same coloured Dark Green Felt Shoes and White Satin Pantaloons edged with white Cotton trimming. They all have a plain White Felt Collar Their bodies are made separately with calico and stuffed with polyester fibre meeting all international safety standards Their heads, paws, ears and tail are all made with chestnut brown plush furry material, with the ears being lined in fawn satin lining. Their eyes are plastic with a glassy surface and safely attached with a plastic safety backing.

Please note that I no longer drive a car, and am thus dependent on rural 'bus services in order to reach a Post Office capable of handling Parcels (because of their bushy tails, these Lady Foxes will be regarded as such). I usually access these outlets on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday of any one week, so if a specific deadline has to be met, Buyers are asked to take this restriction into consideration when placing their order.

Two further posts featuring these new additions to the ColdhamCuddlies family, which are renewals for our original Lady Fox dressed in a green candy-striped poplin dress, will be posted here shortly. ( Another Lady Fox  dressed in Green Candy Stripe is planned for production shortly).