Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Announcing the Arrival of Jemima Bunny, a Limited Edition (One of 2) Brown Plush Rabbit

Jemima Brown Rabbit (Etsy Listing #112432364)  has taken longer to make than many of the ColdhamCuddlies Rabbits, because her production process was interrupted by the sudden death of my dearest husband.  I’ve made several old friends, and some new Cuddlies since May, but I’ve now finally managed to complete her and am pleased to introduce her as the latest member of the ColdhamCuddlies Family.

Etsy Listing #112432364
Made with in a very soft Brown Plush fabric, similar to the other Lady Dressed Rabbits in the Shop at, Jemima measures  18“ (46 cms) from tip of ears to the soles of her feet, when lying down.  Like all my Dressed Lady Toys, Jemima is made to sit down - allowing her to look comfortable sitting on a dressing-table or a bed pillow, as well as being a cuddly armful for her Forever Best Friend.

I've found a new source for the Brown Plush Fabric.  It results in a more tactile feel and Jemima's new Best  Friend will find her a very soft, cuddly armful when they get together.  The dress is made from an unusual cotton-based fabric with a slightly elastic feature, and there is a background floral pattern which gives an embossed texture to the final product.

The various stages of Jemima’s production entailed sewing the various components separately before the sewing together could begin.

A calico body is first constructed, and before stuffing, is made so that she can sit comfortably.  Once stuffed, her shoes are sewn, stuffed and attached firmly to the end of each leg. Next comes the construction of her pale sea-green nylon pantaloons edged with white lace.  These are gathered and sewn in place over her shoes and at her waist.

Jemima’s skirt is then gathered, a ColdhamCuddlies label is attached (on the reverse side at the back seam) and then attached to the body waist line over her pantaloons.

The dress top, together with the arms - with paws attached - is arranged over the skirt at the waist .

Then her white muslin apron (decorated with dark blue ric-rac braiding) is sewn in place and finished off with a bow.

Her bushy white plush bob-tail is then sewn in place under the bow but firmly attached to her body (through all layers of material used in her dress to date).

Nearing completion, Jemima’s head - with ears and eyes in place is sewn onto the body and her blue collar (matching her shoes), decorated with white embroidered French Knots, is arranged and firmly sewn in place.

The final touch is the addition of her bright orange Felt Carrot, with juicy green felt leaf in just the right spot for her to nibble gently as she waits to be adopted to her Forever Home.

Please note:  the Carrot is a new, optional extra.  Without this addition, Jemima would cost USD43.40.  The Carrot itself is priced at USD4.10.

Dressed Lady Rabbits normally take me 5-7 Days to complete from cutting out the pattern pieces to achieving the final result.  All the ColdhamCuddlies are made in a smoke free environment and all meet international safety standards in terms of fillings, fabric  and other decorative features.

 Washing these toys is not a real option;  so the recommended age group for Jemima to find her Forever Friend would be from 3 years upwards. 

I no longer drive - so am dependent on public transport to reach the two local  Post Offices capable of handling Airmail Small Packets and Parcels near Heytesbury.  I access these Offices every Tuesday and Thursday or Friday each week.  Customers should bear this fact in mind if there is a deadline in their delivery requirements.

Jemima's weight means she can travel at the Standard  UK Royal Mail  Small Packet air mail postal rate, which varies according to the distance covered.  Normal delivery to the Eastern US Seaboard is anything between 5-10 Working Days and to the Western Seaboard it can take a further 7 Working Days.  It all depends on the aeroplane departure schedules!

Having finally listed Jemima, completed the Wombat Bunch Christmas order - a little ahead of schedule, the next item on the agenda will be the Royal British Legion Women's Section Competition entry - of another  Dressed Lady Rabbit.  Having already made three Calico Bodies for Lady Toys and a similar number for future Gentleman Toys, I've got the first stage done.  Tomorrow will see me cutting out pattern pieces and getting going with sewing machine (where appropriate), needles and thread and all the other associated implements. 

Be back again soon!  We've reached 220 Followers, by the way and the blog has now been viewed by over 8,500 people.  Thank you all so much for your support!  All the best.  Isobel