Friday, 15 April 2011

Introduction of new members of the ColdhamCuddlies family

Hello again, folks!   It's Cy being allowed to have a word and hopefully Isobel and I will be able to start blogging again (alternate posts) in a more regular way.

Finally the 10 new baby rabbits are finished and almost ready for listing in the Etsy shop.  Just need to take some more pictures of them in their colourful groups, rather than en masse as the picture below shows.

There are ten of them altogether, and believe me, they are a handful when they get together!  We had a photo session in the garden here at the Hospital of St. John and although the sun wasn't shining as brightly as when the other pictures of me were taken, think this gives an impression of the happy handful.
Isobel says that they are little smaller than her other Baby Rabbits - because she left out a pattern piece!  Careless, or what?  However, she's happy with the way they've turned, will probably be offering them at a slightly lower price, and hopefully they'll soon find new homes.  Because they are littler than usual, Isobel's silly fingers took longer to cope with the seams etc - hence the length of time spent making them!

Some other pictures were taken elsewhere in the garden too, and another one is posted below:

There were a couple more, but I'll save them for another day.  Time to end this post - wishing you well for the upcoming week-end.  Cheers.  Cy Bear