Saturday, 12 April 2014

Welcome to a New Cuddly, with news of another on the way .

Good afternoon Everybody - this is Cy Bear being allowed to chat to you!
Seems to have been quite some time since we last were together, but Isobel has not been idle in the interim, and of course she has to be available to type what I'm about to tell you, or else it doesn't get done.  Life goes on very quickly here at The Hospital of St. John, and looking at the date of the last post Isobel published, it is already 12 days since it happened. 
 So, with no more ado, please allow me to introduce George Green, the newest Dressed Rabbit to join our shop at
Etsy Listing #185804697
This Brown Plush Toy Rabbit is the latest to be made from the vintage toy pattern used for all the other dressed Gentlemen Rabbits.

His matching Green Boots are made from Glove Quality Leather and he is stuffed with polyester fibre fill
meeting all international safety standards.

 Unlike the other adult Rabbits, he has a smart yellow bow tie with pearl button tie pin.  His Aquamarine Striped Jacket is closed with a matching pearl button, which can open to display his very smart Green Satin Waistcoat.  He has a White Felt Collar.  He does not undress any more than opening his jacket.

George Green Rabbit measures 17.5 inches - 40.4 cms (tip of ears to sole of boots) and weighs approx. 7 ounces (205 g). 
Isobel did not intend to make George Green Rabbit, because the original plan was to replace another Brown Dressed Gentleman Rabbit, known to his friends as Uncle Brendan.  He had a Green Velvet Jacket and Brown and Cream Striped Trousers, with Tan Leather Boots and versions have found homes in France, Washington State and elsewhere since our Shop opened in 2010.  Because some of the fabrics used when Uncle Brendan was first made have been used up, Isobel was looking through her fabric stocks, found these and decided she'd make George's clothing instead - and  hey voila! to mix my expressions a little - we now have George Green himself.  
(We do have two Brown Rabbit Heads ready to be stuffed - one of which could well end up as the next replacement Uncle Brendan, although he may not have the same colour jacket as he originally did.  The trousers are still capable of repetition, as are his tan leather boots). 
We're about to be joined by a really new Cuddly - in the shape of  a Big Koala Bear. He is based on Big Koala, who came as a Patient in our Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185) when it first opened.  He looks like this now he's had his treatment and lives with a host of other Baby Koalas and Ed Ted (all of whom have been written about in our blog at the time of their treatments).
 There's quite a story attached to his arrival, which hasn't finished yet. When he is eventually made, he will not be the same colour as this Koala, because the fabric is rapidly running out and there doesn't seem to be any likelihood of our being able to get any more. Isobel is keen to be able to continue making our Baby  (Etsy Listing #55190188)  with this Light Brown Faux Fur for as long as possible.  
 The new version is being made with the same fabric was was used for these special Christmas order  Koala Head Kids Slippers.  (Because they were a custom order, they don't have an Etsy Listing, since they weren't sent to our Shop before leaving for their Forever Home).  
When the transaction - if it materialises - is complete, it will make a good addition to our blog posts I can tell you!
Meanwhile, here is a final picture of George Green, complete with his White Cottontail in place.
Right that's the lot from me for this post.  Do hope everyone is keeping well and that I'll be able to tell you all about Big Koala very soon.  In the meantime, please take care of yourselves, won't you?  
Your Friend, Cy Bear
Coldham Cuddlies Clinic