Friday, 28 June 2013

Third Item in the Novelty Slippers range - 2013 New Product offering.

Just listed in our shop at, here is the third version of our new Novelty Furry Slipper offering.

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These were the third set of slippers that I have completed.  They are easily replicated and have been received with much amusement by their recipients, whose Mother decided they would make ideal "joke presents" for a special birthday this year!

Novelty Furry Slippers, for Children, Ladies and Men are  one of the new ColdhamCuddlies' product offer for 2013.  Whilst still in the experimental stage of production, these particular specimens have been made at the request of a  local customer here in Heytesbury, England, UK.   They took me between 3-4 days to make, so if anyone is looking for a similar pair for their wife, daughter or significant other, be happy to meet your requirements.  The pattern is based on slippers  made one Christmas for all the male members of my significantly large family - but those were made with felt, and didn't last as long as I believe these will.

They consist of an insole (this example has a memory foam base)  to which a Black Plush outer covering is lined with White Fleece.  The underside of the sole has a  waterproof  fabric complete with its own black fleece inner layer.  Both plush and fleece fabrics are then sewn to the insole.  The same black plush covers the insole, hiding the seams (illustrated here).

The plush and lining outer pieces are sewn separately and fitted together so the seams do not show - either on the inside or outside of the slipper.  A Panda Head is then created, with Safety Eyes, lined Ears and stuffed with polyester fibre infill which meets all international safety standards.  This is attached to top of the slipper where it meets the ankle.

 Once the head is attached, each slipper is finished off with a black and white checked  ribbon edging with  elastic threaded through the ribbon. Sufficient elastic is provided for adjustments to meet the individual requirements of the customer   The bow, which can be undone on each slipper, conceals the elastic fastening.

Animal heads do not necessarily have to be restricted to Pandas.  They can be selected from any of the Toys available in  the ColdhamCuddlies Shop.  Colours in which they are made can be the same as those currently displayed in our Shop or  also be individually selected.  Should the selected fabric not be in stock, this may add to the delivery time(s).

To ensure the finished product is "Made to Fit"  when ordering   the following information will be most helpful, but are  not absolutely vital.  The items highlighted with a ** ARE needed however.
(1)  Your normal shoe size. **
(2) Colour combination(s) - if different from those shown**
(3) If possible, a drawing of each foot - to accommodate individual shapes!
(4) Measurement of each foot from Toe to Ankle OVER the instep arch.
(5) Width of foot from side to side, OVER instep arch.
(6) Ankle circumference at top edge of slipper - to accommodate any possible swelling involved.

My snail mail address can be provided  when the order process has commenced, if scanning and other electronic means of communication are unavailable to you, the client.

Armed with this information, it should be possible for me to meet your very specific needs!  The resulting product should resemble the items shown here:

Slippers can be made for Children, Ladies and Men - once all the above information is provided for each person.

Prices are as follows:

Men's Slippers Size L-XXL         USD61.40 per pair

Special Fittings (All)                    USD84.40 per pair

Ladies Slippers (all sizes)            USD46.00 per pair

Childrens' Slippers (all sizes)       USD34.99 per pair - all sizes.  Small ones can be as difficult to sew as the      larger ones!

Recently added to the ColdhamCuddlies pattern line are slippers for Children and Men - which I'm very pleased to say are not that different from this third version for the Ladies!  The templates for all of them are now ready to be used on the fabrics, and production is about to begin.  Watch this spaces Ladies, Gentlemen - and Children too!

Be back with you all soon.  Isobel