Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cuddlies Slippers - the next stages

Goodness me, just how the time does fly!!  Here is Cy Bear again , almost a week since I was telling you about how the Cuddlies Slippers  have come to be produced.

Here are the three components of the slippers - body, head and ears ready to be put together and made into the final product.

Once the head was sewn on, Isobel fixed the ribbon trim (a satin ribbon), which she then threaded elastic through, and hoped that that would help to keep the head sitting up, without flopping around.  In the event, LauraC did report some problems with both of them.  Please - remember, they were experimental in the first place - but Laura is such a whizz with the needle herself, she was able to correct the floppiness and they now look proper!

Here is the final slipper, with the bow tied up.  The bow covers  the place where the elastic has been sewn together.   Isobel left sufficient for LauraC to adjust the elastic to suit her own individual requirements.  This is something we've done for all the subsequent slippers that Isobel has made -

beginning with the Light Brown Rabbit Slippers (an English Ladies'  Size 6) - for our next door neighbour, KatherineV.  She has a little dog called Widget (a Boston Terrier) that Isobel looks after during the day whenever KatherineV is away for any length of time.  Widget did stay all day and night  with us when the arrangement first started, but lately, Isobel has been taking her back at night - so that the cat, who also lives next door, has some company at night.


But I digress:  here is another picture of one Light Brown Rabbit Slipper.  They have already been given to their intended recipient (one of KatherineV's daughters).  The only thing is that KatherineV's little grand daughter likes them so much that she seems to have taken them over.  She goes to bed with them on her pillow each night, apparently, and insists on wearing them as soon as she comes home from school.  They have to be tied on round the foot to make sure she doesn't fall in them, (she is only 8 years old!)  Think Isobel will have to get a move on with making some of the Children's Slippers she's planning on doing, so that the Little Person can have her own footwear, and thus allow Mum to get a look in!

Now this post has gone on long enough - so I'll close for tonight and get Isobel to do her usual thing about telling everyone who needs to know that this post has been published!    But before I go, the Small Kids Slipper sample has actually been finished:  she's done one of the Medium-sized pair, and is working on the second.  When all three are done, she will make the decision as to whether she will list them in the shop on Etsy  ( as individual units (Small Kids' Slipper, Medium-Sized Slipper and so on) or as Kids Slipper, S.M.L. on one site.  Which would you think would be best, I wonder?

Meanwhile, Good Night everyone - until the next post, which will happen in between Isobel's endeavours with the Children's Slippers.  Cy Bear.