Sunday, 27 November 2016

Moving on then - Two Cuddlies find New Homes

Hello there Everyone - another week has flown by, it's getting ever closer to Christmas (and Isobel still hasn't started her Christmas cards - although the annual letter to Family and Friends has just been drafted).  

Two Cuddlies have been sold this week - which is terrific news for us all - hence the "moving on" in the title to this post!

The first Cuddly with a new home in the offing, is one of our Yellow Plush "Treasure" Baby Bunnies.  MsMcN who enquired about it last Sunday evening was given the choice of our new Shop inhabitants in that category -

With or without a ribbon round their necks, and both with white plush chests. OR

All self-colour, but still with the option of having ribbons sewn around their necks - and the ribbons don't have to be white.  MMcN was given the choice of pale green- as used in our Fox Baby Mobile, seen here -

Small Fox Baby Mobile, Fox Baby Mobile, Nursery Baby Mobile, Chestnut Fox Mobile, Kids Room Decor, Unisex Child Present, Baby Shower Gift.
 with the suggested ribbon being sat on by the Baby Fox in the centre front of this picture.

or any other pastel colour ribbon of her choice.  The eventual choice was the White Chested Baby Treasure Bunny with it's white ribbon already in place.  So, as he was in stock, and once the payment had reached Isobel's local Bank Account in the UK (mid-week), the Baby Treasure Bunny was wrapped in chemical free tissue, then bubble wrapped and put into a polythene postage bag, duly addressed to MsMcN who lives in Auchtermuchty, Cupar, Scotland. But not before our usual farewell ceremony had taken place.

(These Yellow Plush Baby Rabbit Toys have the "Treasure" label added - because that is what Philippa called her first Rabbit Toy.  Her late Grandmother often used to call her "Treasure", so she decided to call her first Toy "Treasure" too!  The colour was an accident - Isobel happened to have a piece of yellow plush, as well as some white plush, to hand when the first model was made way back in the 1970's!!

Then, on Monday evening, Isobel was contacted by a gentleman, MrJF wanting to know exactly which colour he should choose if he wanted to order Winston Wombat, our Three Way Bed Adornment Cuddly.  (Etsy's Purchasing System can be somewhat confusing - to both the Seller and Purchaser, sometimes!!!  After an exchange of convos, a choice was made and the order received).   

Winston Wombat, 3-Way Bed Pillow. Pajama Case, Plush Pillow Case,Pyjama Cover, Novelty Hot Water Bottle Cover, Faux Fur Toy, Christmas Gift
Both now need replacing!
The Wombat on the left, the only one in stock, was then prepared for his journey - this time not as far North in the UK as our Yellow Treasure Bunny - just to the City of Lancaster, in Lancashire.  Again, once the monetary transactions had been satisfactorily completed, this version of Winston Wombat was duly wrapped in tissue paper, but not the bubblewrap.  MrJF had told Isobel that Winston was going to be a birthday present for his wife, later this coming week, so we offered to wrap him in suitable wrapping paper. Normally, we charge extra (£2.50/parcel) for this service, but because of our Shipping Policy of over-estimating and then being able to send a refund, this charge was well covered, so there was no further payment required in this case.   (Wrapping Winston Wombat in both bubble wrap AND birthday paper was felt to be "over-kill" - and does affect the overall package weight as well!)

Alas, I wasn't able to get to Isobel quickly enough to have our usual Farewell Ceremony - but I'm including the photograph of our last Winston Wombat who did have an official send off, when he travelled to a new home in September this year, again within the UK- (Brighton to be exact).  It would have looked pretty much the same way, anyway!

In addition, because the order was placed after Isobel had created the following announcement on our Shop About Page, MrJF was due a  Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales discount of 20% - since Winston's cost is over £25.00 - and he hadn't claimed it when ordering the Cuddly.  

For everyone's information, this is the announcement, 

Special Coupon FESTIVEHOLIDAYS2016 available until 31.12.2016 - on all items over £25.00 each.

and = 30% sale-visit Shops for details

We're hoping, with this fabulous offering, we'll get some more chances to find new Forever Homes for our Cuddlies, while also enhancing our Team Friends' offerings simultaneously.

This is something of an experiment for us - we're wondering if a Three-Shop Discount Offer will have more appeal than the same three Shops doing it individually! Watch this space!!!!

Oh, before I go - the Canadian Christmas Parcel was duly sent off on Tuesday afternoon.  Isobel had hoped to get it off on Monday, but the weather was simply awful all day and there seemed to be little point in getting the parcel wet before it started.  One of our friendly residents gave Isobel a lift into Kirkby in Ashfield Town Centre to the Post Office - and once she'd got her breath back after paying the travel fee (almost double what she'd thought it would be!) she was able to send the travel ticket number (a.k.a. Tracker Number) and notified, NieceAS in British Columbia, Canada that the package was en route.  Isobel was first told that the package would only take 2 Working Days to travel the many thousands of miles between Nottinghamshire and it's eventual destination.  (We think the Clerk was trying to encourage Isobel after the shock to her system!!!)

 A couple of days later, when posting this week's travellers off to their new homes, the Post Office Manager gave a slightly more realistic time table - of 5 Working Days!!  With experience of postal services on the other side of the Atlantic, Isobel will believe THAT when it happens!  The 5 Working Days will be up this coming Monday - and NieceAS has told Isobel she won't be travelling the 40 kms down the road to the Post Box until at least the 1st of December  thus giving the parcel a little bit more time to get there and be picked up by it's intended Recipient(s)!!.  (The Post Box location is also 8 hours behind the UK in time!!)

Until next week, then - here's your Friend, Cy Bear signing off.