Sunday, 9 February 2014

After all the palaver - allow me to introduce Hermione Hay Wolf

Etsy Listing # 178799382

Hermione Hay Wolf is the first new 2014 addition to the COLDHAMCUDDLIES family of soft, safe Collectable Toys.  She is based on the pattern used to make our popular Foxes and Coyotes, but with the fabric used to create her head, tail and paws, she is both furrier and slightly bigger.

Measuring 17 inches (40.3 cms) from sole of shoes to the tip of her ears, Hermione is dressed in Hay Tartan (confirmed by Strathmore Woolen Company Ltd - from whom a recent purchase to supplement my depleted stock was made).  The dress has been decorated with two rows of Red Ric Rac trimming, fixed by yellow french knots embroidered at regular intervals around the hem.  French knots, in red and yellow yarn, have been used to decorate her White Felt Collar.

She has a Red Felt Bonnet, trimmed with Yellow Bias Binding which is tied under her chin.  This the only piece of clothing that can be removed.    Hermione also has a pair of White Nylon bloomers, edged with a White Cotton Trim.  They are fixed at the ankle, over her Black Felt Shoes.

She is designed to sit - although it may be possible to get her to stand for a short period, if her Bushy Furry Tail is balanced against a firm background.  Her ideal spot would be on the back of an armchair, the arm of the chair,  or on a  bed pillow - depending on where she would be played with most.

Her Head, Tail and Paws are made from a piece of Brown/Gold Plush, which is very soft and tactile to handle. She has no sharp edges, so is a Safe Toy for all Ages (but probably would be best introduced to a Little Person aged 3 years upwards)   She has Amber Plastic eyes, complete with metal safety backing and has a plastic Black Nose (the first time I've used such an add-on).   All previous Cuddlies have had their noses embroidered with Black or Brown DK yarn - as appropriate.

This shot was taken before she's had her bonnet made, and the Ric Rac trimming had also yet to be added.

Hermione has been made in a totally smoke free environment and is stuffed with Polyester Fibre which meets all international safety standards.

Weighing in at circa 285 g (11 ozs) she would qualify for travel by UK Royal Mail Standard Packet rate.  (Air Mail to All Overseas destinations circa  £5.70 GBP) or within the UK £2.70GBP First Class.

Buyers are requested to bear in mind that I no longer drive and am reliant on a rural 'bus service which enables access to a Post Office capable of handling packets of indeterminate size and weight, as well as international post, on Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays of any one week.  Thus, if a deadline is involved, please allow sufficient time for me to meet your dateline needs.

Hector Hay Wolf will be listed and a post published about him in the next day or so.  I'm waiting for the Buchanan Wolves, presently en route to their Forever Home in Tacoma, WA to reach their destination, as MrsKN the Buyer has yet to see the finished product.  I don't want any early revelation to spoil her anticipation - which hopefully will meet her expectations.

Meanwhile, I've cut out and begun sewing 5 Piglets - three Girls and two Boys.  The Three Girls will be paraded on a Piglet Catwalk for the benefit of my Customer in Italy and then she too will be sent off to await the arrival in April of her Forever Friend.  The remaining four will then be listed in our shop at

That's it until the  next time.  Hope everyone likes Hermione as much as I enjoyed making her.  It was Hector's boots that were - as ever - the problem, but that was eventually sorted!