Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Now the Men have got their own Slippers: introducing the Koala Bear-faced Size 8 variety

Good evening to you all - thought you'd all like to see what ColdhamCuddlies are going to be offering the menfolk in the Novelty Slipper line.  Two more are in the production line, while these two were listed at www.coldhamcuddlies.Etsy.com earlier this week.

Etsy Listing #158098231
These Mens Charcoal Grey, with White Fleck, Plush Bear Faced Size 8 Slippers are made from newly acquired plush fur supplies.  Variations can be provided in different shades of brown, flecked, striped or plain plush fabrics.  I will be doing a post shortly where I hope to be able to give you a look at the variety of plush fabrics that I now have in my stock cupboard:  will have to be moving out myself shortly if I'm not careful - unless, of course, the orders come rolling in, which is the outcome we're seeking of course!

Right Slipper - I think!
The Slippers have a memory insole covered with a light grey backing fabric which helps to prevent slippage - although it may not be foolproof.  This fabric was part of the latest delivery from my local source - Fine Quality Feather Company of Frome, Somerset.  There were three large bags full, and I had a great time sorting everything out - and then had to get the vacuum out because of the excess fur left where the ladies who work at the factory had cut their patterns out.  Anyone who has worked with plush knows just how furry and fluffy the atmosphere can get on such occasions.

So this has to be the Left Slipper
 Every seam is hand sewn so as to be invisible to the eye of the beholder while at the same time providing  comfortable, warm footwear to fight any wintry conditions that may prevail, without any uncomfortable seams to irritate one's feet when wearing them.  The inside lining is made with cream Poodle fur fabric, with the insole matching the outer covering.

 I decided to use the Poodle Fur - left over from the recent Pooh Bear makeover (please visit our last two posts for more information)- just to see how it would work out.  Normally, as you may recall, the linings of our previous slippers have been made with various coloured fleeces.  Am pleased to say that Poodle Fur feels as effective - if not warmer - than the fleece so there is now another option I can offer should anyone prefer Poodle fur to just plain fleeces.

Rear view of the Slippers
For the more conservative gentleman:  if the Bears' Heads are a novelty too far - these Slippers can be provided without an Animal Head attachment (or another animal can feature - using any of the Animal Toys who currently can be found in our shop at www.coldhamcuddlies.Etsy.com.   They can also be made from more traditional plush fabrics as seen at https://www.etsy.com/listing/152976020/novelty-rabbit-slippers-gift-for-men-or?  which were the first slipper examples made for the 2013 Season or with non-plush fabrics that were used for https://www.etsy.com/listing/156616186/kids-slippers-leopard-head-childrens?

Sideways on view - the mark is part of the woodwork!
Should a headless pair of slippers be preferred, there would be a reduction in the overall price.  Please contact me via convo on the Etsy site (www.Etsy.com/shop/coldhamcuddlies) so we can discuss the matter further.  This discussion would also apply if a different animal were to be featured or fabric(s) be requested.

And the other side - face to face
Now the plan is for two more pairs of Mens' slippers to be produced, together with duplicates of the Ladies versions (in Small, Medium and Large sizes) and I will then be in a position to take orders - to be delivered strictly in order of date they are received - for Christmas, Birthdays, Showers or whatever!

Be back to you all soon.  Goodnight and God Bless!  Isobel