Monday, 10 June 2013

Olly the Owlet has returned to the Family + plus a new Chum.

Olly Owlet, Etsy Listing # 107123292
Hello Everyone:  CyBear returning to the blogging fray!  It's good to be back, what with all the hiccups Isobel has been having with the computer and her connections (whatever they may - or may not, as in this case - be.)

We thought you'd like to see some up-to-date pictures of Olly Owlet, a smaller version of Ben Barn Owl (Etsy Listing 99686556).   Both versions have been popular members of the ColdhamCuddlies Family, and it's been a while since Olly was in the shop at  That is because Isobel has not had time to replace him since he first disappeared - some months ago, what with one thing and another.

Yesterday was a bright, sunny day - when these were taken...
She's had the time recently because of the computer hiccups and the latest broadband disconnection.  It has meant that she got the time to actually sit down and make some toys!  Between you and me, she does spend an awful lot of time on the computer, when she doesn't seem to be doing that much (at least to a Bear like me!)  However, the broadband connection is due to be put right later this coming week - hopefully.  Meanwhile,she's operating on something called Wi-Fi to which her ISP connected her yesterday so she could continue blogging, trying to sell the Cuddlies on Etsy and all the other things she's getting involved in.

So, not only has she been able to make two more Ollys - and they've been renewed - but she's now making two more Ben Barn Owls - since both of the latest Twins have now found Forever Homes in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  The first one went early in May, but when HeatherB realised he was one of a Twin, she asked for the second one to join him.  Twin One (she'd earlier picked Twin Two out from an Owl Picture Parade!) left us at the end of last week, so should be well on his way to Edmonton and we hope to have pictures of them all together again, soon. well as a very windy one!
Another thing that has been occupying Isobel, when she's not been on the computer - is her latest line in ColdhamCuddlies products.  After the first experimental Golden Yellow Furry Slippers (Etsy Listing #152976020 - featured in our last post), we've now got a pair of Brown Rabbit Furry Slippers which have been specially ordered by one our neighbourhood friends here in Heytesbury.  MrsKV saw the Yellow fellows, and decided they would make ideal "joke" birthday presents for her two daughters later this year.

These have purple fleece linings - and won't be listed:  YET!
 So, the Brown ones were started while Isobel was in Normandy recently - and finished last week, and the next pair are waiting for the black plush fur to arrive from one of  our plush fabric suppliers.  Once that arrives, Owls will be temporarily cast aside (unless they've already been completed), and the second part of the custom order will be fulfilled.

They do have eyes - it's just that they so furry, you can't see them!
This time, rather than Rabbits - and to illustrate that any of the heads of any of us Cuddlies can be used - they are going to be Panda Furry Slippers.

These will have a black coat, white fleece lining and a black check ribbon  trim
We've decided to do a future post in which we show how the slippers are constructed.  It will be incorporating all three pairs, which are still currently experimental, as Isobel is making changes in their format as she goes along.  Slippers are going to become permanent Cuddlies in future, because (a) Isobel enjoys making them, and (b)  there seems to be definite interest in them - both locally and on Etsy as well, but until a permanent pattern emerges, Isobel thinks that tutorial can wait a while.  In addition, the two patterns that LauraC ( for whom the Golden Yellow Rabbit Slippers were ordered) sent to Isobel arrived yesterday, and will undoubtedly be used to create the final slipper product(s).  They will fit Children, Ladies AND Gentlemen!

Meanwhile, here is the rear view of Olly Owlet and Chum.

They did manage to stay upright - eventually!
 Good to be back with you again:  - until the next time!  Cy Bear.