Monday, 10 October 2011

Off to Everett, WA and Home again once more

Hello Everyone:  it's Cy Bear continuing the information provision about all our family and friends at!
Brendan Rabbit and Cy Bear at the door
As I told everyone in our last post, Brendan Brown Rabbit is now on his way to his Forever Home in Everett, WA, USA to join his new Best Friend, Georgia Dunn who is a fellow blogger under the name of Pseudoctopus - The Art & Adventures of Georgia Dunn.  She paints wonderful pictures and tells great stories about them.  Isobel loves reading them and thoroughly recommends folks to visit the site and see for themselves.

Am pleased to say that Brendan's replacement is well on his way to joining the Family at www.coldhamcuddlies.etsy.comIsobel has sewn his head - he just needs his facial features to be embroidered on - and his body and clothing is ready to be put together.

We've heard from our great friends in Saudi Arabia, too.  Eldest daughter of the family, MB-P, is leading this order for 4 special baby rabbits.  There's one of our White Baby Bunnies in the collection, but it is being joined by an all-Pink  Baby Bunny, a Pink and White fronted Baby Bunny and a Lavender and White-fronted Bunny.  They are destined as a 6th Birthday Present for a little girl that MB-P and her sister baby-sit and Isobel has got to have the package in Saudi Arabia by the end of November.  Not much time left, then!

And, finally, for this post anyway, we've received a picture of our friend Brr Bear - enjoying the late Autumn sunshine with his Best Friend, Mrs. DK, sitting on a table in the garden a couple of week's ago.  Doesn't he look a smart, happy chap now he's got his new coat?

That's it for this post.  Cy Bear signing off - until the next time!