Friday, 17 June 2011

Latest developments

A quickie tonight, because there have been some new developments in the life of the Coldham Cuddlies!

Having got fed up with no business cards to hand out - it's beginning to be a problem! - and having found that getting them printed off line, using local businesses, were prohibitively expensive (we are still a small operation with small funds to play with!) I bit the bullet last night and spent a long time working on a new design.

Have used the artwork for the banner in both this blog and the shop ( and using a white matt finish cardstock, have included all the relevant contact details for ColdhamCuddlies and myself, giving myself the title of Toymaker!  That is, after all, what I am, isn't it?  The internet source I have gone with is the company which the original, incorrect batch came from.  (I have to admit, that the problem was probably all mine, because I was even less adept at using the computer than I am now, and did sign the proof as being correct!).  The cost is about a quarter of the cheapest I was quoted hereabouts, including delivery and Value Added Tax and I can expect them within 21 days.  So, no contest really, is there?

Second thing is that it looks as though I am about to make the acquaintance of a second Teddy Bear in need of rejuvenation.  Think I've mentioned in an earlier post ("Looking on the Bright Side - Continued" - early in May this year, that following the Rejuvenation of Little Red Ted - there were three posts about that earlier too,  that I am seriously thinking of offering a Soft Toy Clinic option, as well as the Shop to be seen at (  Our long-time friend R.E. has just 'phoned to say that his Ted is in a jiffy bag and he just needed our postal address!  I've not forgotten about this new potential business, and the new arrival is just the trigger I need to really put plans into action.

Think I shall formulate the plans - and blog about them shortly - particularly as I don't really know what is coming to be treated!  Just to remind readers, here is a reminder of what happened to Little Red Ted!

Starting the treatment

Little Red Ted completed, with Big Red Ted and Cy Bear!

Now, I had better get back to the domestic sewing projects I mentioned in my last post a couple of nights ago!  Two are complete:  four more to go!   Then it's back to the toys!

All the best .  Isobel