Thursday, 6 December 2012

Great News - We've been nominated for The Liebster Award - again!

Thanks to Vanessa Young  - Captain  of the Etsy Vintage Toy Addiction Team, has just been nominated for the Liebster Award for our blog for the SECOND time!  Am very flattered, and have told her so - but first let's get things out in the open - Vanessa is a blogging friend of mine, she's been a customer (she's the Forever Friend of a Panda Bear she's called Peter) and we've been in touch on Etsy for quite a long time! (She even found me the pattern for the Hedgehog Family!)  No matter - I value her support, am delighted to comply with the rules associated with the Liebester Award - which seem to feature the Number 11 quite a lot!   So here are my answers to her 11 specific questions about myself - for those who are interested!

Vanessa's 11 specific questions to me were: 
1. When crafting do you prefer music or a movie?
    Music, but am quite happy sewing in silence.  Get more creative ideas then!     
2. What’s your favorite movie?
    Lawrence of Arabia - think I’ve seen it at least 7 times.
3. Favorite song?
    Don’t really have one - am a classical music fan, which tends to be more instrumental
4. Do you have a job outside of Etsy?
    No:  I’m a retired silver surfer, with a dangerous tendency to click on the wrong buttons and then     have to face the consequences.
5.Do you have a pet?
    Not now:  have had  both cats and dogs in the past though.  Like both equally. Offer dog-walking/minding services to the local population!
6.Favorite book?
    Too many to list!
7.Favorite drink?
    Sherry - Amontillado or Medium Dry for preference
8.If you could live in any time period what would you choose?
     Victorian, I think:  their garments concealed an awful lot!
9. Which is the favourite place that you have traveled to?
    Both South Africa and Kenya - just love that Continent.
10.Favorite quote?
    If in doubt, don’t!11.Favorite toy you had growing up
    A Bear called Betty - who disappeared when I first went to boarding school and wasn’t allowed to come with me as she was deemed to be too tatty!  Must be why I'm enjoying rejuvenating old bears in the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic these days

In addition, those of us who are lucky enough to be nominated for the Liebster Award also have to tell folks 11 things about oneself:  at the risk of repeating myself  (it’s a while ago since the first award), here are some facts about this dangerous silver surfer, with a tendency to hit the wrong button - and then have to face the consequences!

(1)    I’m a recent widow - as of May 26 this year.  We would have celebrated 43 years of marriage this  September had Peter lived, although we’d known each other, and been good friends, for 7 years before we tied the knot.

(2)    I’m the mother of two wonderful daughters and a great son-in-law - of whom I am very proud, and consider myself lucky to have their support.

(3)    I was born in Pakistan  72 years ago (then British India - my father was an officer in the British Indian Army) and was orphaned by the age of 10 months - too long a story to tell here

(4)    I was lucky enough to be staying with an Aunt and Uncle in South India when that event happened, so I lived with them until I grew up.  My uncle was a Tea Planter of some note.

(5)    I went to school in Bath, about 20 miles from where I now live.  The school was then known as The Royal School for Daughters of Officers of the Army:  it is now known as The Royal Bath High School.  Whilst I cannot say they were the happiest days of my life, I have always valued the education I received.  It has stood me in good stead.

(6)    After training as a Shorthand-Typist in Norwich, Norfolk, England, I have been lucky enough to work in London, England, Johannesburg, South Africa, and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, ending up helping Peter to operate our own printing and publishing company both in Canada and the UK.  One does not have to be university educated to have an interesting life - although it would have undoubtedly helped!

(7)    We spent 12 years, with the girls growing up, in Canada, and returned to the UK in 1987, because we couldn’t face another Edmonton winter and we wanted the girls to receive their tertiary education in the UK (on the advice of our Canadian educational friends).  We have not regretted it, and still keep in touch with friends made there!

(8)    Our house started to fall down after we’d lived in it for nearly 2 years (despite being built for over 100 years) - the cause being put down to tree roots ruining its foundations. Lesson learned?  Beware Poplar trees!

(9)    The resulting legal battles over the house resulted in Peter’s health breaking down, and he never recovered properly despite battling for 23 years until his release earlier this year.  I was his full-time carer.

(10)    The Coldham Cuddlies world has been a wonderful grounding force for me since Peter left us, and I’m looking forward to blogging, making more new toys as well as replacements for the existing ones in 2013 - and some possible extensions to these activities in the not too distant future.

(11)    On top of all this activity, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to my wonderful family - and myself - in 2013 and wish everyone a great New Year - hope you achieve everything you wish for yourselves!

Finally - and I hope you’re not all tired out reading after all this - I’m directed to nominate 11 Blogs I follow for the Liebster Award, who do not have 200 Followers or more already.

 I’ve recently learned how to Blog Hop, join Linky Parties and the like, so have collected a whole heap of such sites, and I’ve just picked 11 out at random that qualify.  Please, do go and visit them:  follow them so that they can get noticed by the Big Boys of Social Media and be helped along in the way I have been since being first nominated for the Liebster Award - way back when there was an Etsy BESTeam Blogging faternity (or should that be sorority?).  Both have helped me - so good luck to the following blogs!

1    www.A Fly on our (Chicken Coop) Wall.
2    www.Amanda’s Books and More.
3.    www Channelled Creations.
4.     www.Confessions of a Newlywed.
5.    www.cook-love-craft
6. and sea.
7    www.Georgia Dunn Studio
8.    www.Howling at the moon
9.    www.Joie Joelle Creations
10.    www.  i felt like it
11.    www.In Designer Jeans

Planned to blog about other matters, until this happened earlier today!  However, there's always next time.  I'll hand over to Cy Bear then, too!  Meanwhile, all the best - and thanks again, Vanessa!

Now I'm off to informl the new Award winners what's happened to them!  And ask them the following 11 Questions!

(1)    Got your Christmas cards done yet?
(2)    What do you hate most in life?
(3)    Now the opposite - the best thing for you?
(4)    Dogs, Cats or Another Animal?
(5)    Favourite Carol?
(6)    Apart from Wallmart, where do you shop?
(7)    Your favourite food?
(8)    Favourite colour?
(9)    New Year’s resolution yet?
(10)    Christmas this year:  home or away?
(11)    New Year wish?