Monday, 2 January 2012

New Arrival - and a new Farewell

Happy New Year to all!  This is Cy Bear entering 2012 with a new post about two new Friends involved with the ColdhamCuddlies Family.

In her post titled "Happy Endings;  new Beginnings" on December 10 last year, Isobel mentioned the biggest bear in the whole world (or at least my world, anyway) Rusty!  Well as arranged, he duly arrived with my friend, Philippa just before Christmas.  She put him in the passenger seat of her car and strapped him in with the seat belt (so he was a legal bear) and he seemed to enjoy the trip!  Philippa said that she was only aware of one other car's passengers taking note of her unusual driving companion, unlike the occasion when Isobel introduced Rusty originally - when the Morrell family were still Canadian residents.  A little girl travelling with her parents caught sight of Rusty in Philippa's car, and after a bit of careful passing, her father was able to position their car for the little girl to see who it was!   Discussions during  Christmas  established that auspicious event took place in either 1984 or 1985 - so, although Rusty does look a somewhat dirty colour, he is in very good condition for a 25+ year old Bear, otherwise.   Here is a picture of him in the only place he can currently stay in our apartment here in Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England, UK.

Rusty sitting in  a wicker chair - and only just fitting in!
You can't see it in the picture, but if you flip his ears up, that's the colour White that Rusty should be - so that's going to be our aim:  to restore all the white bits to that colour, and brighten up the russet ones!  He's also a very floppy Giant Bear at the moment, so Isobel is going to take out his existing stuffing and replace it with the polyester fibre with which I am stuffed.  We're not quite sure how many bags of that Rusty is going to need, but Isobel is guessing it won't be less than 6 kilo bags of the stuff!  She's going to order it from our supplier in Frome, Somerset (about 10 miles from here) next week, once she's found somewhere to store it until she can use it!  There's not enough room for both Rusty and the stuffing - as well as Peter, Isobel and I (plus all the toys to be found at!

Isobel is also considering having him dry-cleaned, rather than try to wash him by hand.  He's a bit big for her to handle - with her arthritic hands and fingers - and she's fearful that no matter how carefully he is washed, he might shrink in the process.  Dry-cleaning seems to be a good possible option, and she is going to meet (she hopes) the dry cleaning man who visits Heytesbury twice a week.  The first opportunity for a chat is going to be on Tuesday but the timings may not be right.  Isobel will probably get his telephone number and try to set up a meeting later in January for Rusty and him to meet.  Don't suppose he gets many Giant Bears to dry-clean normally!

Now to the New Farewell:  Hairy Bear 3 will be on his way on Tuesday to his Forever Home somewhere in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.  He was ordered by Mr. TG the week-end before the Christmas Holiday, and because Isobel was in the middle of completing all the Fleece Baby Bunnies, she could not fulfill the order in time for Mr. TG to give it to his partner as a Christmas present - since it takes her at least 6 days to make a Hairy Bear from cutting out the pattern to embroidering the facial features and claws.  As we'd still not replaced Hairy Bear who left us for Portsmouth, England in September, 2011, Hairy Bear 3 is not even going to be introduced to our Family, really.  But - as Official Mascot to ColdhamCuddlies, I insisted on having our usual farewell picture taken before he gets packed up tomorrow prior to posting on Tuesday morning.  The photograph also shows just how big Rusty is - because I am considered quite a Big Bear in the normal course of things, and Hairy Bear is about the same size as me too!  (Isobel here: Hairy  Bear should be:  he's made from the same pattern as you!)

Hairy Bear 3 and Me, sitting on Rusty's lap!
 Mr. TG requested that if possible, he would like Hairy Bear to have a "mournful" expression, rather than the more usual cheery look that Isobel tries to achieve with us Bears.  Here is a snapshot Isobel took of him earlier this evening.  
Hairy Bear 3 awaiting approval
 There were two pictures taken and sent to Mr.TG this evening, before I was allowed to post this blog, and we're hoping his expression will be acceptable.  Isobel really had a lot of difficulty in embroidering Hairy Bear's mouth this time - she is hoping the solemn look he is exhibiting will meet the "mournful" look.

 We'll keep you posted on the result.  Keep your fingers crossed.....meanwhile, Bye for now.  Cy Bear