Friday, 11 July 2014

Coldham Cuddlies are relocating - Stage One: The Announcement

Hello Everyone!

While I'm currently to be found - until next Monday (July 14) - in Nottinghamshire (East Midlands, UK) and Cy Bear remains at his sentry position on my bed in Heytesbury, (Wiltshire, S.W. England) regular blogging is being interrupted - as Cy Bear did mention in his last post.  

Cy Bear en garde together with the Piglet Twins preparing to depart for Italy
The reason for this temporary separation is because I am arranging a move to a new home just three doors away from my younger daughter, Clare - and have decided that the time is right for the Coldham Cuddlies and myself to relocate.  Currently, I find myself living four and a half hours drive from Clare and two hours drive from Philippa and have decided it is time to rectify this separation.  It is simply illogical for me to expect the girls to have to visit me - especially were the occasion to be an emergency,  and equally uneconomical for me to continue the cost of travelling myself to see them via Britain's railway network.  Added to which, the Cuddlies have now reached "saturation point" in the Warminster area, and without transport of my own, the opportunities to rectify this situation are limited.  So the chance offered to spread the word  about us in another area of the UK seems to make good commercial sense,since my new home is located in a small, regenerating town not too far from the City of Nottingham. (There's plenty of England's "green and pleasant land" within easy striking distance all around!)

Cy Bear keeping Mr. White Rabbit company while his travel arrangements are made
The tenancy agreement has been signed by me - and  now awaits confirmation from the landlords which hopefully will mean that we all leave for pastures new sometime during the week beginning 11th August, 2014

 Personally, I shall be very sad to leave - in all our years together, Peter and I had never really found somewhere like Heytesbury before.  It's where we really felt we had come home and where the girls insisted I return to when Peter died two years ago, since we had developed a very good network of friends and acquaintances - who have been a wonderful support to me.  However, Peter is now in a far better place where he is no longer in pain, and I have begun to develop life on my own once more.  So while my health remains good, now is  a good time to start afresh. 

Providing company for Charlie Coyote prior to his departure  for USA recently
Blogging and Etsy marketing etc. is thus likely to be interrupted in the coming weeks therefore - while I organise the move.  This current visit to Nottinghamshire has enabled me to see my new home - (Clare had been to see it after I was offered it and felt it would be suitable).  It is a one-bedroom apartment. with similar facilities to those offered at The Hospital of St. John.  With Clare just 3 doors away, and having recently moved with Alan to a larger home herself, visits from Philippa are not going to be a problem and she can reach Nottinghamshire almost easier than previously. (There were no similar, suitable properties near to Philippa, although I had searched diligently).  It requires fewer major roads to negotiate than she currently has to when visiting Heytesbury and the journey is broadly similar in time spent driving.

The central garden - The Hospital of St. John, Heytesbury
I already have a network of friends in the Nottinghamshire area - what with Clare and Alan's friends and those I've made when Peter and I lived in the next door county of Lincolnshire when we first returned to the UK from Canada in 1987 - and, as one of my unannounced hobbies could be said to be "collecting people", I'm looking forward to making lots of new ones once I've settled in. 

I think there's going to be space aplenty (whether in the flat or in Clare and Alan's attic) for my toys and my toy-making/restoration materials.  I look forward with keen anticipation to the future - although the immediate present is a little daunting.  Despite having moved between 33-35 times (lost count after about 28!) in nearly 45 years, I am well aware of the pitfalls involved - not to mention the new mistakes that can occur.  An added dimension is the logistical challenge of fitting a 2 bed apartment into the smaller 1 bedroom one.  Please bear me in your prayers my Follower Friends and thank you all so much for your continued, sustained support. (Earlier this evening, while preparing this post, I noticed that page views here have nearly reached 25,500!!)

Will be in touch as and when I can - with Cy Bear's help 

So, for tonight, Good Bye.  Isobel

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