Sunday, 16 December 2012

Treatments recently offered in the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic

In our post  on November 15 ("A Commissioned Coyote + a Rocking Horse called Prince), Cy Bear first referred to the Bear Quintet of Patients in our Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic, together with a picture of them all sitting in, or near, the Lloyd Loom Chair in my bedroom.  It is pleasing to be able to announce that three of them have now received their treatments, and we'll be posting about them in the next few blogs.

However, there is one thing that needs to be highlighted.  A very new Etsy acquaintance suggested in a series of  convos late last week  that the Clinic might be better named  if it were to be referred to as The ColdhamCuddlies' Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic.   Cy Bear and I could not agree more - so, that is how  Etsy Listing #79124185 will be named in future. The title has already been changed in our shop at to reflect this change. 

The November 15 post dealt, in the main, with the way our Tweed Coated Coyote had been constructed.  We can now tell you what has happened to him since.  He's arrived at his Forever Home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and will eventually become the Forever Friend of recently arrived AndyB, daughter Clare's most recent Godson.  He was also accompanied by the Yellow Plush Baby Bunny (the last of his variety due to my having run out of the fabric) and here is a picture taken of them both prior to their departure. This little fella has been given to AndyB as one of his first toys, as he only arrived on December 6.

(You will see that Cy Bear is included in this official Farewell photograph!  I know when I'm beaten - although I do hasten to add that past omissions in this regard have not been intentional.  Merely, there has been a need to catch the post and it's not necessarily been convenient to set up camera and Cy Bear prior to their departures!)

In this photograph, another Yellow Bunny is included.  He was also a Patient in the Clinic, having travelled back with me after we had interred Peter's ashed in early November.  He had spent the last few decades in a cupboard belonging to PatC - Fred Bear's Forever Friend (himself a former Clinic Patient) - and appeared when she was turning out her haberdashery hoard which has since been donated to me.  I had to leave the hoard with Philippa when I came back because there was so much of it.

(The hoard has been duly delivered, but I've been so tied up with the treatment of the Wagstaff Bears (three of the Quintet) that there's been no time to do the sorting properly.  That's one of my New Year resolutions! )

Little Yellow Bunny was sadly in need of further sustenance.  His years in the cupboard had resulted in much of his stuffing be knocked out of him, and he was minus his fluffy white tail.  PatC asked if I would put him right, and it did not take long to sort him!  He was de-stuffed of what remained in his little tummy, had a good wash in soapy water (and changed colour!) and then had his innards replaced, together with a replacement white fluffy bobtail.  He now looks like this - and has been returned to PatC, who I think intends to return him to his original Forever Friend - her son! 

(As is my custom, I have taken a template of this little guy, and he will be appearing in our Shop ( sometime in the New Year!  The Wagstaff Bears used up most of my stuffing store, so I had to get a refill last week.  At the same time, I picked up some new fabrics - both plush fur and other toy-making fabrics - and they too will be featuring as replacements or new Cuddlies in 2013.)

The treatment of the three Wagstaff Bears is now complete - and since there is quite a lot to tell you about their individual treatments, I intend to break the reports into three separate posts (hopefully drafting them before leaving Heytesbury for the Christmas Holiday with Philippa in High Wycombe.

 (As mentioned earlier, I leave on Thursday, December 20 travelling by train, via London.  The idea is that I will be driven back either on Sunday, December 30 or Wednesday, January 2 (depending on prevailing weather conditions at the time).  Emails and blog will be checked during that time, but will no posts will be  be compiled - hence the drafting plan:)

 Thus, I shall end this post, and get going on the next few posts!  Meanwhile, here is a picture of the three Wagstaff Bears - as they were upon arrival at the beginning of December.

L to R:  Bum Bear, Mohair Bear and Ted Bear - the Wagstaff  Bears