Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ed Ted's therapy - Construction process Part 3

Hello again - Cy Bear here:  did you think we'd disappeared?  I have been beginning to wonder just when we'd get round to telling you where we are at!

Progress in rejuvenating Ed Ted has been going on apace, but alas, today we've been halted because Isobel finds herself needing a vital joint bit which will join his head to his body.  So, early tomorrow she will be on the telephone to Susan at Bear Basics in Wincanton (down the road from home) in the hope that she can once again come to our rescue.  It's only a small piece missing, but it is vital.  Without it, Ed Ted's head may be wobbly (like mine was) and if Isobel had, had it in stock, maybe I'd have had a head that moved instead of being firmly stitched in one position.

In the interim, it is pleasing to be able to report that Ed Ted now has arms fixed to his body and Isobel is in the process of stuffing his legs before attaching them to his body too.  They proved a bit of a problem in that when making us Coldham Cuddlies bears, Isobel has usually stuffed our legs from the hip downwards.  But, because Ed Ted's original legs were the furriest bit of him - as demonstrated by the pictures we've already posted - the pieces did not lie evenly on his new covering, so instead of having the furry side face down on the new mohair, she had to place the calico side face down on each piece.  It's worked out fine, but it also means she is having to stuff the legs from the foot upwards.  Because we've got the delay in getting Ed Ted's head on, she's not rushing that bit.  It may be stating the obvious, but the body is not stuffed until all the limbs and head are attached.

However, we do have a couple more pictures to show you - and here they are:

Here is Ed Ted's head resting against the pile of all the other bits of him which are waiting to be sewn together. Isobel has not embroidered his nose nor mouth yet - that is best done once the head is attached to the body and it has been stuffed.  Otherwise, the final expression could be affected. The brown bits are suedette which Isobel is going to use for his paw and leg pads.

In the background, you can see the envelope in which the cardboard templates Isobel used to cut out Ed Ted's new fur coat are going to be kept. Despite the delays, Isobel has enjoyed making him, so might well do another using some of the fabric she already has in stock - but it will not be mohair - this is the first time she has used this fabric, and it's been a great experience she tells me.

This picture was taken this morning - and shows all Ed Ted's pieces turned the right side out and ready to be stuffed.  The paw pads still remain to be attached and will be done when the limbs are attached to the body, which can be seen in the background.  The picture is not as clear as it might be, but it's been raining "cats and dogs" all day, and what daylight there has been, has not been that bright.  However, think the picture is clear enough to show how Ed Ted is looking at this moment in time, although not quite clear enough to show the thread-marks indicating where the limbs will be attached once they are stuffed.

The next post about Ed Ted should be the last one (about him!) - and will have to wait until the missing joint piece arrives.  Hopefully, if Royal Mail co-operates and Susan has it in stock, that should be another couple of days' time.  In the meantime, I'll say good-night.  Cy Bear