Friday, 17 February 2012

Have been awarded a Versatile Blog award - Wow!

Earlier this month, Andrea from commented on one of my blogs (she and I have had a commenting relationship from quite early on my blogging life - and she very kindly allowed me to guest blog about the Rejuvenation of Ed Ted - (leader of the Italian Mob).  Both these been features of  posts on this blog in the past - the former in July/August 2011 and the latter just very recently

.However, I digress:  in the comment, Andrea announced that she was awarding me (or rather this blog) the Versatile Blog Award - and in order to pay it forward I had to (a) provide 7 factoids about myself (now that's a new expression for me!) and then list 15 blogs to whom I would also award the title of Versatile Blog Award.

Now whilst the second is relatively easy - although in the list I am about to give, there are some deserving the award, but I didn't have enough numbers to include them all!  The first was difficult, because I really cannot think of 7 different factoids about myself that might interest folks sufficiently.  However, I am doing as I am bid - so here goes.

Facts about Isobel Morrell

(1)  I'm a silver surfer - still finding my way around the internet and social media, so if this post works, it will be something of a miracle!
(2)  Am a full-time carer for my husband, and fit in blogging as and when I can - hence the gaps sometimes between posts
(3)  Have two wonderful, clever, daughters - one of whom is married, both of whom have jobs, which in this  day and age is simply great.
(4)  Whilst I love making stuffed animals, I don't like dolls - have never done so
(5)  Absolutely love being involved with Etsy and blogging - because of the international buzz around both
(6)  Have made some wonderful, interesting friends through blogging and Etsy - and look forward to continuing to do so
(7)  Never stop learning - the day I do will probably be the day I "turn up my toes".
Now for the blogs to which I'll be nominating for the Versatile Blog Award:

(1) A view from the furry side
(2) Beader Bubbe's Shop
(3)Cabin + cub
(4)  Custom Teddys
(5)  DeeDeeDzyn
(6)  Dotty's Blog
(7)  Dough, Dirt & Dye
(8)  Handcrafted Teddy Bears by Michelle
(9)  Island Buzzy
(10) Joy Silk
(11) our home to yours
(12) PattysDreamDesigns
(13) Poison Garden
(14) Psedooctopus:  The Art and Adventures of Georgia Dunn
(15) TheWellSeasoned Nest.

Thank you Andrea - and I hope the rest of you will continue to carry on with your wonderfully interesting posts - from which I learn so much!

Good night and God Bless!