Sunday, 3 March 2013

More Cuddlies go to their Forever Homes

Hello again Everyone - Cy Bear signing in again, to do a follow-up post about my friend, Hairy Bear - now on his way to Southbridge, Massachusetts to become a Forever Friend for MsAB's Mother later this year.

However, we've not told you about Ben, the Barn Owl finding his Forever Home either, so as Isobel is needing a rest from Baby Bunny making (she's done 5 out of 15 - so she's a third of the way through this particular replacement task), we thought we'd post about him as well.

Ben's Forever Home is now in London, England, UK - and there's a funny story about his purchase.  All our Etsy orders to our Shop, are of course processed in the U.S.A and paid for in American Dollars.  However, when Ben was purchased by MrWH just before Valentine's Day, he asked if it would be possible for us to get him to his home by Thursday, February 14 - (we got the order on February 10 which was the Sunday before).  Once Isobel had made sure the funds had reached her Warminster bank account on the Monday, Ben was ready for his journey;

This picture was taken before he was wrapped in the chemical-free tissue paper we use for all journeys and then bubble-wrapped to help keep him as safe as possible and free from the bumps of postal travel. He's actually standing on the paper before being wrapped up in it.   Once wrapped up, Isobel put in the usual letter she sends to our Buyers - which, of course, gives our full address.  When the parcel had been posted on Tuesday, February 12, MrWH was informed by email that it had left the Codford Village Post Office (when Isobel was on her way to her weekly Zumba class).  Well that afternoon, an email arrived thanking us for getting the parcel in the post - and then telling us that MrWH knew exactly where Ben had been posted, as he had lived as a child in another village close by, called Longbridge DeverellMrWH ended the message by saying something like "it's good to be trading with the motherland"!  So, an order processed in the USA actually had a connection just 8 miles away!!

 (Isobel here:  and I spend my time telling folks on Etsy, when I'm Following etc. that Etsy is a Big World:  not this time, methinks!)

Now, here's the follow up about Hairy Bear's journey preparations.  Again, once we had confirmed the safe arrival of MsAB's funds for her third Bear order, Isobel got down the wrapping papers and here is Hairy, together with Turner Bear - who is waiting for treatment in the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185).  I'm going to tell you more about him in another post soon, but while he waits for a match to be found for his new skin, he only has one ear, and it has made him look very unhappy. So he's been sitting close to me on Isobel's bed - as he does look rather a sad Bear.  No wonder, as he's spent a great many years just lying, unplayed with, in a drawer in his current Forever Friend's Home.  He originally belonged to MrsJS's Mother, who had him as a baby - which we think was in about 1909!

You can see the tissue paper laid out on top of the bed, together with the bubble-wrap ready for use, as well as the sello-tape roll and scissors necessary to fix the parcel and envelope ready for posting. Us Bears usually need to have two pieces of tissue paper joined together, because we are rather big when all our fur is taken into account!   Hairy Bear actually had some treatment in the Clinic before he left, as MsAB asked if it would be possible for him to have a "Happy Face", rather than the somewhat Solemn one that he had originally.  So, before the packaging materials were arranged, Hairy had a speedy operation - his nose and mouth was cut away and a new one fixed, and a photograph of the new look was sent for approval.  This came back within a couple of hours - and then we were able to prepare Hairy Bear for his journey to the U.S.A.

(Isobel here again:  And, to forestall any questions:  anaesthetic is not applied on these occasions - the procedure does not take long, and Bears are tough characters).  

Hairy Bear is inside this large envelope - which awaits the address, Air Mail Sticker and Fragile label - as well as the Customs Label which all our parcels have on them (except those going to any country within the European Union:  they don't require a Customs Label).  Just hope all you folks know what I'm writing about, because I have not got a clue!!

Hairy Bear was sent off to Southbridge, Massachusetts on Friday morning last week, and we hope that it was in time for him to get one of the week-end flights to America  from UK Airports so that he can quickly get to play with  Ollie and Georgie (posted about in The Travelling Cuddlies post on 01/03/2013), as he waits to go to his Forever Home sometime later this year.  Meanwhile, you can see that Turner does look a very sad bear, so to cheer him up, he sits close to me wherever I am.

 (Isobel again:  while I was away with Philippa, his ear was sent back in a envelope which required my signature - which, obviously, was not available at that time.  So, it was only on Saturday that a convenient time-slot could be arranged and the important ear and matching mohair fabric swatch could be delivered and inspected.  Am glad to say, given that there is a 100-odd year gap between when Turner was originally produced and 2013, we have got an excellent match.  Now we have to arrange a mutually convenient time for MrsJS, Turner's Forever Friend to confirm her acceptance and then we'll be able to order the fabric and get on with his treatment.)

Right Everyone:  that's this post complete, and Isobel now has no excuse not to get back to her Baby Bunny replacement schedule.  She does have to rest up a bit, because being so small, the process really gives her arthritic fingers a work out!  Until the next time - this is Cy Bear signing off (and Isobel too!  It's too late to begin again, this evening, so it will have to wait until the morrow!)