Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Rejuvenation of Fred Bear - Part One

In our post dated July 30, 2012, Cy Bear introduced one of the new Patients who had recently arrived for treatment in the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185).  His name is Fred Bear - and just to remind folks as to what he looked like on arrival, here he is as his treatment began.

Stuffing from Fred's left arm
 When  first introduced to him I was told that PatC, his long-time Forever Friend, did not really want him to be changed too much.  However, she did feel his paw and leg pads did not look right in blue, his face required some attention, and although his ear was about to fall off, if it could re-attached at a somewhat similar angle, she'd like that.  She'd got used to his lop-eared appearance.  As Fred is nearly 100 years old, I felt that those instructions were more than reasonable, particularly as given his age, his condition was pretty good.  Besides, the customer always prevails, do they not?

Accordingly, I got to work with the Quic Unpic and began to remove his stuffing.

This is what I found when I unpicked the left arm pad area.  The stuffing he arrived with was a mixture of Kapok and sawdust, which made me suspect he had been given some treatment in an earlier attempt to smarten him up.  Somehow, he has had problems with his limbs extremities - which did indeed need attention:  whereas his body, head and limbs were perfectly acceptable.  The Kapok had been packed ever so tightly, which, with the sawdust combined to make him feel very hard, rather than cuddly and firm.  

When I arrived at his legs, my suspicions that hiscurrent rejuvenation therapy is not his first was reinforced.  In this picture, you can see at least 3 or 4 previous treatments have been undertaken, plus a clear view of the wood chippings/sawdust used to stuff his legs. 

Here is another shot showing the three previous paw pads which also includes a cardboard lining which is still in remarkably good condition - but likely to have been involved in his last treatment, since it was immediately under the blue felt pad.

His head was almost totally filled with sawdust, with only his nose had some Kapok within the cavity, and when I came to his body, his original growler had completely collapsed.  Both the growler and stuffing have now been removed, and I now await instructions as to which fabric PatC would like his new paw pads to be made with.  

In a telephone conversation this afternoon, I've been advised that PatC's elder sister - who is equally anxious that Fred should not be changed too much - is expected for a visit at the week-end, and a sisterly consultation will take place as to what colour fabric will be utilised to make his new paws.  After I had prepared Fred for his rejuvenation, I found three suitable fabrics for repairing his paw pads and sent swatches for PatC to select.  I've been told to expect their decision sometime this Sunday. 

In the meantime, I've taken the Black Gorilla Golf Club Head Cover to pieces and think I can figure out how to make some of my own versions using Toy Heads already at my disposal.  I've prepared  Bear,  Fox, and Rabbit Heads by enlarging those used for the dressed Cuddlies and my Teddy Bears. Templates have been prepared for all three, and I've made a template for the inner lining of the proposed Club Head Covers.   Have also measured the dimensions required for the knitted handle cover as well.  Now it's a question of having a go and making one.  Wish me luck!

 I think it would be nice to have some to offer when I take some of the smaller Cuddlies to my first Craft Sale of the 2012 Autumn (Fall to you folks over the Atlantic) Season which is coming up on August 18.  Folks who attend this event are the sort who either play golf themselves, or know someone in their family who does.  This event is a weekly Produce/Cake Sale held each Saturday during the summer in our Village Church - the funds raised going towards the Church's upkeep.  The residents of the Hospital of St. John have been appointed to run the event on August 18, and I've been invited to take a table - as I did in 2011 - to offer something different from the usual produce sold each week.  

Will keep you posted as and when I have anything more to add - about Fred Bear, the Golf Club Head Covers and/or the Produce Sale on August 18.  Meanwhile, good night and God Bless!  Isobel