Wednesday, 15 June 2011

ColdhamCuddliescalling: Just keeping in touch

ColdhamCuddliescalling: Just keeping in touch: "Hello there! Am taking a short break from toy-making - as long as it takes me to do some domestic sewing projects that have been mouldering..."

Just keeping in touch

Hello there!  Am taking a short break from toy-making - as long as it takes me to do some domestic sewing projects that have been mouldering on the back-burner while I've been enjoying the toys!  Cannot put them off any more, so, while I'll still be blogging, it may not be concerning the toys.  May include some pics of what I'm up to in this field:   let's see how I go on.

On the other hand, there are some updates on previous posts:   the potential sale of  a Fox or two to the local primary school in Heytesbury has yet to take place.  Although I contacted them in May, only heard from them today.  They must have got the vibes I was sending out that I would call in unannounced!  With the school year-end in sight, money is not available for such "frivolous" (my description, not theirs) purchases so we have agreed to leave a get together until September - the beginning of a new school year - when hopefully money will be available.  Have booked a table for their Christmas bazaar though, and got a toe in the door - which was the general idea in the first place.  As a former School Governor, I had an idea that funds would not be readily available at this stage of the school year!

Have been trying to get prices for the replacement business cards I really am beginning to need.  So far, none have beaten the internet site who made the mess-up on my previous set.  So, may have to return to them, this time being a lot more careful before pressing the final button to set the whole thing up!  Will try to do it in daylight this time, rather than at night, when inevitably one is tired and not as accurate in proof-reading.

Am really excited to report that following a contact with Stephi of StephisWhimsys (a fellow Etsian), I was able to purchase a Bear and Doll magazine with several possible bear patterns.  As I've said before,  I'm not into dolls - although some of the patterns are charming in the magazine.  But the Bears templates offer some distinct possibilities for future Cuddlies creations.  They will be based on the patterns in the magazine, but not  follow the instructions entirely.  Don't want to run the risk of infringing any copyright still vested in them by the magazine publishers.  Still, it's very exciting to have some new directions to follow.

Have also been given a lead to a newish Art Gallery in Warminster - our local town - which seeks to feature local artists.  A kind friend enquired whether the owner would be interested in featuring a Cuddly or two, and she was kind enough to say she'd like to meet me.  So, now, it's a question of finding the time to go and meet her, introduce some Cuddlies, and see if we can do business.   Such actions are a new direction for me, so will have to be carefully considered.

It's now getting late - I need my beauty sleep:  husband is well in the Land of Nod, so had better go and join him!

Until the next time.  Isobel

Cy Bear and Miss Prim