Sunday, 6 November 2016

Canadian Family Christmas Parcel Nears Completion.

Hello Everyone.  Cy Bear back again, with the latest news on this project of ours.

At the beginning of this week, we received confirmation that our Panda and  Polar Bear Slippers, sent the week before to Italy, arrived safely. The news was conveyed in a message received via the Etsy convo system from SnraCF - who said:

"Package arrived safely this morning. The slippers are amazing! I am sure the girls will get lots of use from them. Can't wait for Christmas💕💕💕
Thanks so much for the quick response to my needs and super fast delivery! As soon as Etsy let's me I will leave feedback."

One of the Panda Slippers being discussed

The plan then was for production of the last pair of Slippers (destined for Isobel's nephew-by-marriage, named Canadian Dad (C) for the purposes of this blog) to be completed by the end of this week.  We showed photos of the initial stages of the first slipper in last week's post.   

Alas,  circumstances beyond our control intervened - also known as an attempted hacking attack on the Cuddlies Bank Account  on Monday - and Isobel's attention did get diverted elsewhere. However, thanks to the efficient Fraud, and attendant card-producing departments of our Bank, by the end of the week, we had returned to "normal".  However, Isobel's enjoyment (and therefore speedy sewing skills) did suffer somewhat as a result.

Some sewing did take place - as can be seen by the following photographs:

The final photo in last week's post showed CD's Slipper ready to have the poodle faux fur insole attached.  This shows it in place.

The slipper now required to be turned inside out (shown above) - and the next stages of the slipper production process to be started.  This meant that the outer layer of the Slipper (the Grey Plush) had to be sewn all the way around to the leatherette side of the insole, and then the ribbon trim attached all the way round the ankle area.  (Isobel had by this time found out the exact measurement needed for CD's ankles, so that the necessary elastic can be cut to fit, once the ribbon trim is completed). 

We decided that we'd do a black satin ribbon trim for this pair of  Slippers and this is the first one done.  It was joined last evening by the second one, so the pair now require the elastic to be threaded through - and the Rabbit Heads to be attached.  The heads have been sewn together, with the ears, and now need to be turned right side out and have the stuffing and facial features sewn on them.

We're hoping that next week, we'll be able to show you the finished pair destined for CD, together with all the Slippers being prepared for their journey to British Columbia.  Isobel wants to get them on their way as early as possible - so we can miss the usual Christmas parcel rush, at both ends of the journey,  We've yet to decide which method of travel they will take - Royal Mail international parcel service or by another international courier.  That decision will be dependent on two things: ease of pick-up at the other end, together with the best, most economic method of travel!!

Meanwhile, Isobel has found a stash of Christmas wrapping paper which can be used for each pair of slippers - to which she will have to add appropriate Christmas parcel labels.  It's getting quite exciting to watch from my daily spot on Isobel's bed.  When the items have been packed, and sent - there will be quite a gap in the corner of the bedroom where they are currently stored!

You'll know more next week.  See you all then.

Your Friend, Cy Bear.

Coldham Cuddlies Clinic