Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas 2016 gets ever closer......

Hello Everyone once again!

Cy Bear at your service - with the latest Coldham Cuddlies activities from this week to tell you about.

As the title indicates, Christmas and its attendant traditions in Isobel's family is bearing down upon her.  I've been told the "overseas cards" have all been sent - and now the UK and local ones need to be attended to.  That is scheduled to begin sometime this coming week. 

However, there are more Cuddlies' departures to tell you about too - beginning with:

This shows both the Snowy Owl Slippers, destined for MrPD of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, as they were being photographed prior to their departure on Wednesday of  last week.  (I did tell you a little about one of them last week!)   Once the required shots had been taken from all appropriate angles (to be used when Isobel lists them in our Shop -, the farewell photographs were taken before I oversaw the wrapping and packaging of the items prior to their departure.

Then it was a question of cutting out some Grey and White Plush fabric in order to create three new Baby Rabbits to add to our overall Baby Bunny collection.  One of them is destined to join the Blue and White Baby Rabbit we featured at the start of our post last week, and I'm pleased to be able to tell you that both the Baby Toys are now wrapped up and ready to be sent off tomorrow, Monday December 11, to our good friend, MrsSS from Port Washington, NY, U.S.A.  (She has already been a Cuddly purchaser - in the form of one of our Hedgehogs, around about this time last year.).  These Rabbits, we understand, are destined as Stocking Stuffers for her Grandsons, one of whom only arrived in the World in October this year.  Here's a photo of the travelling Grey and White Baby Rabbit - atop Isobel's computer last evening, prior to his being wrapped up ready for the journey:

He was joined, before the farewell photograph ceremony took place in Isobel's bedroom, by his Blue and White Fleece travel companion: (despite the size difference, they are both made from the same vintage Rabbit Toy Pattern:  it's the different fabrics used that results in the size differentials!)

And here they both are, before the wrapping process began:

It's always good to know that Cuddlies are beginning their journeys to foreign parts, but it is also a little sad to see them leave us here in the UK.   But that's what COLDHAMCUDDLIES is all about, I suppose.

Just as Isobel was completing all the Baby Bunny packing - when she went to the computer to complete the delivery note to accompany the two Toys - she saw we had received another order, this time from a Buyer in Cary, North Carolina, U.S.A - and this time for a Tiger Golf Club Cover.  (If all goes well, they too should be en route to the US Eastern Seaboard in time for Christmas.)  We think we'll have to refuse any orders that come in after Wednesday, December 13 - because even with the International Signed For and Tracker package they travel with (which allegedly arrives at destinations within 5 Working Days of dispatch, ALL OVER THE WORLD), we won't be able to guarantee a firm Christmas Day Delivery after that date.)

We've sent this photograph to the customer, while we wait for all the payment procedures to be completed. 

(Because the order came in over the week-end, the monies won't get sent to Isobel's UK Bank account until Monday).  Isobel needs to know which of the three specimen Tiger Golf Club Covers shown here, and in stock, our customer would like us to send.  

The decision will be conveyed next week, hopefully - although be warned, it might be subject to a delay, because Isobel is invited to an Advent Party for the St. Barnabas Cathedral Parish Choir, with whom Clare is a regular Cantor at the 1000 Mass each Sunday.  It's being held at Clare and Alan's home up the road from our flat.  These affairs can go on sometime - so it may not be practical for a post to be created in the regular Sunday afternoon slot we try to write in each week.  YOU ARE WARNED!

With that, I'll close this week's bulletin.  See you sometime soon - as and when we can fit a news bulletin in!! 

Your Friend, Cy Bear.