Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cuddlies' Slippers - Here's how they've been made to date.

Greetings everybody:

 Cy Bear here, now that Isobel is beginning to get over the computer troubles that have been plaguing us since the middle of March.  Am so glad that I don't have to be involved with such matters - it's so much nicer being the ColdhamCuddlies Mascot - and performing duties such as this!

Saying goodbye before the Golden Rabbit Slippers left for their new home
These Golden Furry Rabbit slippers (Etsy Listing 152976020) came to fruition after we'd been asked to provide a custom order for our friend, LauraC who lives in Florida, who badly wanted to have some  Slippers like these.  Isobel had never made any, but having been provided with the measurements so that the finished slippers would fit Laura, the production process got under way.  (Now that three sets have been listed, Isobel has included all the measurements she would like to have in order to get made-to-measure finished products that really do meet everyone's exact needs!)

The material used for the soles,  we actually had in stock.  It is waterproof on one side, and has a fleece lining on the other.  It had previously been used to make our Green Frog (Etsy Listing #116285186), but for the purposes of this experiment, Isobel decided to use some to see how it would work out.  We started the whole thing off by getting a  pair of  insoles and cut it to fit the UK equivalent of a Man's Size 10 foot (USA) (as requested).  Laura wanted it to cover her whole foot, plus socks in cold weather,  and gave us a measurement which actually took the slipper over her ankles.  There may be times when she's not living in Florida (but in a colder part of the USA) and a warm cuddly pair of slippers will come in handy.

Step One looked like this

Then Isobel added the other side and a panel at the back, cutting out matching pieces of the Gold Plush fabric and the waterproof material - with the fleece lining on the inside.  The slipper then looked like this:

The seams were then sewn together - separately for each piece of fabric:  so the inner lining was sewn together first and then the outer shell (with the seams on the inside)  Isobel is keen not to have any chance of rubbing of skin occurring in the final product.  The next step was to add the furry insole so the slipper is really warm on the inside (as well as the outside), again, with no seams showing.

Since starting and completing the Golden Slippers, Isobel has made two more, different coloured slippers. LauraC was very pleased with her version, incidentally, and her comments have appeared on this blog earlier in proceedings.  However, I have to report that they frightened  her cats on arrival apparently!  Because of the computer problems, Isobel and Laura have not been communicating just recently, but on the strength of her first attempt, we've now completed another custom order for two different pairs  - this time for our next door neighbour, KatherineC.  One is for another pair of Rabbit Slipppers, in Brown Plush fur, with a mauve satin ribbon trim, and the other for a pair of Panda Bears.  These two will form the basis of the next installment of the Slipper creation story.

Till the next time, folks - it's good to be back blogging again. 

But before I go, Isobel has asked me to tell you that the other new project is also beginning to take shape (the distance learning course for her to become a Children's Writer).  Both of us are looking forward to this new adventure:  the ten unit course has arrived and Isobel sent off her Student Data File (which she had to fill in telling them all about her life and interests) which is designed to find a suitable Tutor to guide her through the course.  Isobel is determined not to let the new experience interfere with either her toy-making activities, nor our joint blogging - so, she's going to be busy!  We'll be keeping you informed, as ever.

Good night for the time being!  Cy Bear