Monday, 29 April 2013

Some Hails and Farewells to tell you about!

Warm and Happy Greetings to you all - Cy Bear signing in to bring you up to date on various happenings in the ColdhamCuddlies world.

Now that the computer has been returned, Isobel seems to be getting to grips with things although there are still some problems.  She's found a programme (whatever that is - it's foreign to us Bears, of course) that will tell her how to work with Windows8, and looks out for it in the daily post.  It hasn't arrived yet, but when it does, guess there won't be too many posts happening while she plays with the computer and, hopefully, digests the contents of what ever is in the package when it arrives.

Meanwhile, in between computer hassles, Isobel has been busy with some replacements.  Starting off with our Barn Owl friends, she decided to make two of everything when she replaces Cuddlies who have found their Forever Homes.  Just as well she did in the case of the Owls, as no sooner had she made the two of them, and even before she renewed them in the Etsy Listings for the Shop, one of them was purchased and is even now on its way to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - his Forever Home is going to be with AndyB's Grandma - who, according to HeatherB (Andy's  Mum) is "very fond of Owls".  He was parcelled up and sent off before we could have one of our traditional Farewell pictures (with me in the photographs), but here is a picture of the Owl Twins before one of them left us.

The Twin on his way to Canada is the one on the right of the photograph.  Isobel put numbered labels under each Owl's talons, and HeatherB chose the one she wanted her Mum to get.  So, there will now have to be another replacement Owl once the other jobs have been completed.

The next replacement project Isobel had on her list was to produce another Green Frog.  She duly cut him out and was almost ready to stuff him, when she showed him to the lady who comes to look after Isobel's feet (I believe they are called Podiatrists).  Well, no sooner had MrsJulietW seen the unfinished Frog, but she said she'd buy him once he was completed.  Isobel told her that she still had the Green & Orange Frog (Etsy Listing #116285186) if she would like to see  him before making up her mind finally.

MrsJulietW took one look at the fellow on the right, and bought him on the spot.  Apparently she is "Frog Mad" - as she described herself, and I'm told that when Isobel went into Warminster after her treatment, her car is full of frogs - of all shapes and sizes.  At least six others were on the back window ledge, there were some hanging in the car itself and there were even some on the dashboard!!  So our Frog won't be lonely!  I've since learned that her house is called "Frogwell", and that MrsJulietW has some real frogs, as well as us toys ones!  This meant that we had to have another two new Frogs in the Shop at  They are slightly different - because we now have an Orange and Green Frog (the colours are switched from the that shown in the previous photograph) as well as a Green Frog (in the same two shades of Green).  Isobel will be doing a post about how she makes Frogs sometime soon, so we'll show you the two new Cuddlies properly then.

Then, at the week-end, we learned that Beau Fox has a new Forever Home.  His Forever Friend has a birthday coming up later this month, and her friend HelenS asked if we could possibly send him to Lochgilphead in Scotland.   I think that is in the UK, because the parcel that has been made up so that he can be posted off tomorrow (Tuesday, April 30) doesn't have an Air Mail sticker on it.  So, this afternoon, before Beau Fox was wrapped up in tissue paper and bubble wrap, and while the sun was shining, Isobel had a photo session in and around our grounds here at Heytesbury.  Here is the official Farewell photograph of Beau Fox before he goes to his Forever Friend.

Then, because it was such a lovely day, we decided to take a photograph of me with the remaining Barn Owl Twin.

Then, we can show you all the Cuddlies we've been telling you about today - including the two new Frogs.

Which is why this post has been entitled "Some Hails and Farewells to tell you about".    Good night - until the next time.  Cy Bear!