Sunday, 4 June 2017

In Waiting Mode

Hello Everyone:

Cy Bear back again, with some tit bits to share about my new Friend, Hairy Bear12 - whom you saw in pieces last week, while Isobel was in the process of making him for our Etsy Shop, www.

He was finished over last week-end, after all the limbs had been added to the body and head (the state Hairy Bear12 was in when you saw him last week-end).    You can see, he's had his face created too - by Isobel carefully cutting the fabric pile around the eyes, nose and mouth areas.

Having done that, Isobel's thoughts moved towards the creation of the Grey Cat Puppet for MsSD from Conway, South Carolina, USA.  When she left you last week, she had described how she might make up the Puppet - if she was unsuccessful in finding fabric that might better resemble a previous Cat Puppet she'd made for another of our US Customer Friends in 2015 -

The previous Grey Mohair Cat Puppet
Accordingly, on Monday she sent the above picture and a request to our "go-to" mohair bear making supplies Shop - Mohair Bear Making Supplies Limited of Telford, Shopshire, UK.  As we suspected the fabric shown here was not now in stock - we had, after all, been given a roll end when we bought it for the 2015 project (but replacement supplies might have been sourced in the interim).  However, they did come back with a photograph of the "only grey curly" they had in stock - which looks like this:

I gather that it's not actually a mohair fabric, but more of a plush one - and rejoices in the name "medium-pile-faux-fur-fabrics/silver-bear-20mm-ratinee-pile".   The above picture was duly sent off to MsSD, who replied "I love it" - so Isobel duly returned to Mohair Bear Supplies and told them she'd like to buy at least half a metre (that will be more than enough to make at least one version - if not two of these Grey Cat Puppets. ).  Isobel suggested she would do two at the same time, not to only give MsSD a choice of finished product, but also so we could then list the remaining one as another new COLDHAM CUDDLIES Toy.

Spring/Summer is always a busy time for our suppliers - because not only are they the largest mohair bear making fabric supplier in the UK,  but this is often the busiest period for them with lots of Bear Festivals all around the country.  The proprietors of the business (Darren and Lanie Capps) not only operate what sounds like quite a large business unit on a Business Park in Telford, but they also go to the Bear Festivals too, taking lots of samples with them - and this week (just our luck!) would appear to be one of those occasions.

So, while we've "ordered" the fabric, Isobel has had to bide her time in beginning to sew the Grey Cat Puppet.  Telephone contact is not actually encouraged - they admit it takes them time, sometimes, to get to a call!  So, we're going to send a copy of this blog post to them, once we've finished it today - to see if THAT gets a response.  Isobel will also try ringing them when they open on Monday morning - in the hope that one of them will be near the telephone (if only because of the need to check on what has happened in their absence).  Another reason, too, may well be that Isobel is not nearly their best customer - although she'd like to be, because their fabrics are so lovely to handle.  Alas she can't justify it while we retain our existing stash of faux fur and other Cuddlies fabrics!!  (Our storage space alone is the main reason.)

However, during the mid-week visit to spend time with GransonE, Isobel did take a series of outdoor photographs of Hairy Bear12 - and here are a few to tide you over (as well as make this post a little more photogenic and interesting).  They were taken, as most of our outdoor pictures are these days in Daughter Clare's back garden - and "supervised" by both GransonE and Grandog Dotty:

Sitting in the Flower Border - with a Red Poppy for company

Hairy Bear being steered by GrandsonE in his Dinosaur Car

(Interestingly, when I sat in the car a couple of weeks before, GrandsonE was not quite sure about me being there!  Not sure what to make of that I have to say!)

Enjoying the bright sunshine on offer that day

Sitting in the sunshine, and getting a bit blown about too

Showing he can stand on firm ground as well as grass

With a "Windmill" bird scarer in the background

With that string of photographs of Hairy Bear12, I'll end this week's post.  At least, now, Isobel has some choices when she decides to change the look of  Hairy Bear's listing in the Shop in the next few weeks and months.

Either Isobel or I will be back soon with the next bulletin from the World of the COLDHAMCUDDLES.  In the meantime, here's wishing you all a splendid week - wherever you are, and what ever you happen to be doing or planning.

Your Friend, Cy Bear