Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Treating Ed Ted - the first step: Continued

Hello once again from Cy Bear - Isobel has agreed that I continue to describe what has been, and is, happening to my new friend Ed Ted.  HEALTH WARNING:  some of the following images may be somewhat alarming to some readers!

Pattern pieces for Ed Ted's head, with ears and eyes in centre, and cotter pin attaching head to body next to them
The picture also shows the two tools Isobel has used to perform the operations on Ed Ted, and the ironing table on which they have been performed.  We've had to use newspaper underneath him, because as we take out the stuffing, a heap of dust comes out too. It's meant that each piece has been brushed so that as much dust and remaining kapok is removed before they are soaked and prepared for applique work.   Isobel has been sneezing her head off (and coughing too) while she's been doing it.  Very fortunately, I'm not so afflicted!  It all sounds most uncomfortable.

These are the contents of Ed Ted's tummy.  Again, kapok and wood chips.
This has now all been collected, put in a plastic bag and placed in the garbage bin, together with all the kapok in Ed's arms and legs, which can be seen in the next picture

Ed Ted's arms, around the tummy contents
Here one can see how his paw pads have disintegrated over the years. There had been attempts to sew them back on, but because the fabric involved was somewhat brittle, it had not been altogether successful.  Which is why, in the first photograph of the poor chap, we saw him with bandages and socks on to keep the stuffing together.

In this picture, you can see the enormous cotter pins that were used to keep Ed's limbs attached to his body.  Isobel raided Peter's tool-box for a pair of pliers and managed to unwind them so that we could take them out of three out of four attachments.  The fourth had to be cut around, but we should be able to make a pattern without that particular limb, so when he's finally made up, Ed will have two arms and two legs that match.

Here is a photograph of the five cotter pins together, before disposal in the garbage bin, together with the pliers that managed to extract them without causing too much damage to Ed's remaining body fabric. They took up a fair amount of space within his body, didn't they?

Now the first stage of Ed's rejuvenation thereapy is over.  Currently, as Isobel types this post, all the pieces are soaking in warm, soapy water in order to remove the inevitable grime that has accrued after years of playtime and other adventures with RFE and others.  They will be rinsed out before Isobel goes to bed tonight, and hopefully will be dry enough for ironing tomorrow - when Isobel has a whole lot of laundry to deal with anyway.

We've asked for a biography of Ed Ted so we can include it in a future blog, but - so far - it's not arrived.  RFE is travelling, so it may prove difficult to pin him down, but we'll keep trying.

It's been a long blog today, but there are a lot of pictures to break up the prose!  Hope you've not been too upset by some of them.  But, to be fair to Ed Ted, they had to be shown.  Cheers for now.  Cy Bear