Monday, 19 March 2012

Bits & Pieces - another Cuddlies' update or two

Hello Everyone - Cy Bear taking over for a couple of posts, both of which are to do with our toys themselves.  Some are new to us in our shop at and some are updates regarding our former friends, now nicknamed the Travelling Cuddlies.

In one of her last posts, Isobel mentioned that we’d been sent some lovely photographs of Gold Plush Bear Glove Puppet from his Forever Friend, JS a.k.a as Mesatron from Liberty Township, Ohio.  He has not started on his travels around the USA yet, but Gold Plush Bear and JS are obviously getting to know each other well.


 It’s great to see the different expressions that can come from just three fingers operating a glove puppet, isn’t it?
Ed Ted and his new Bear Friends

Then,  we have some pictures of the Italian Mob - they’ve not reached Sequals, Italy, yet but are likely to be getting very soon.  Meanwhile, these pictures were taken by our friend, MrRE when he and they were staying in Essex, before Mr.RE had to leave them safely in the boot of the Jaguar, until he could  drive them from England to Italy.  He’s been very busy lately, but hopes to return to the UK and drive them all back to his home in Sequals soon.
Those that can are saying "Hi!"

We have some lovely pictures of my friend Panda Bear - now at home in Neosho, Missouri.  However, Isobel has yet to figure out how to transfer them from the Convo section on the site to this blog site!  When she has, we'll include them!

Next post, in a few days’ time, will be about my five new friends in the ColdhamCuddlies shop, which Isobel has just listed in the last few days.

Meanwhile, that’s it for tonight.  Goodnight - sleep tight everyone!  Cy Bear.