Sunday, 12 August 2012

Promised Update about Black Gorilla and Little Brown Bear

In the post about Fred Bear and the first part of his rejuvenation (2012/08/08), mention was made of  Black Gorilla (BG for short) who arrived via E Bay so that I could take him to pieces and discover how he was made.    Originally, as shown in this photograph, he was a Golf Club Head Cover.;  and it has recently been suggested, these could well become a new branch for the ColdhamCuddlies Family but before proceeding I have been hesitant to proceed - until I knew more.

Having taken him apart, the decision has been made.  BG,  having completed the task for which he was purchased, will now be offered as a Hand Puppet, although only as an Associate Coldham Cuddly  because he is not handmade.  His label indicated he was made in China, and thus probably part of a long production line and machine made.  I've taken off the knitted part which covers the Golf Club shaft (more information about this shortly), and taken note of the dimensions involved.  I've made a template of the lining of the head piece.  Seemingly the Head Covers are stuffed a lot less firmly than for a normal ColdhamCuddlies toy and then the lining is stitched around the neck opening, with the knitted piece attached at the same time.  Hopefully, there should then be sufficient space for the Golf Club Head to be pushed into the head opening:  at least, that is the idea, anyway!   I'll be posting a step-by-step description of how I'm hoping to get it done - when it is done!

Meanwhile, here are some photographs showing how BG has been transformed:

Just a little surprised -  I'm 12" (30cms) shorter!

Still 12" (30cms) smaller:  but now from the rear
With the knitted part of the original Golf Club Head cover removed, BG required to be smartened up and converted to a Hand Puppet.  He's different from our usual ColdhamCuddlies Hand Glove Puppets, which tend to have a longer skirt beneath the head.  BG is all head and shoulders - like an ancient stone statue of similar proportions, but a woolly plush version instead.  He now has a finger guide added:

Finger guide now in place
I've also added a black seam binding and blind hemmed round the bottom of his shoulders.  Thus he is now ready to be offered as an Associate ColdhamCuddly to whomever would like to offer him a Forever Home.

Hello there!  Here's the new Me!
He will not be listed in our shop at as he does not comply with the need for being totally handmade.  Please contact me at via the Convo link, or by e-mail at for prices (for BG plus shipping).

However there has been a major development.  Yesterday, while buying fresh vegetables and talking to the many kind folk who were enquiring after my well-being, I happened to mention my aim to have a prototype Golf Club Head Cover ready for the Produce Sale being planned for August 18.  As I said in my August 8 post, this is being organised by Church members who live here at The Hospital of St. John.  I was accordingly introduced to one of this week's Organisers, who also happens to be a regular golfer, and who - conveniently - resides just next door to the Church.

The gentleman very kindly broke away from what he was then doing, took me to his house - and Eureeka!  I now have a model Driver Club on which to actually create the Head Covers!  That's going to be a tremendous help as otherwise I'd have been working blindly without one.  The club can remain with me for "a week, a month, three months....however long you need it:  I don't now need it".  Apparently, Mr. DA-B now has a much more technological version of a Driver club, so that the one now with me has been consigned to the "back bag" (as opposed to back-burner).

Mr. DA-B was also kind enough to explain why such covers are needed.  When the clubs get shoved back into their slots in the heat of any golf match, as well as when they get carried about on the course, they slide about, and grate against the edge of the bag. Without the cover (and it's the knitted cover over the club shaft we are talking about now) the clubs get scratched and potential long-term damage can occur.  The manufacturers of these implements are now providing covers (which are not nearly as original or attractive - since they usually have a prominent logo somewhere on them) when clubs are sold.  Golfers are increasingly buying them, because Drivers now come with their own chips (latest technology here - a real eye opener for me I have to say!) which allow the players to adjust the height, angle of shot, etc. et al. so they are actively in the market for Head Covers.  (They are therefore an expensive replacement item, and owners need to care for them to justify this expenditure!)  Thus it would appear that there is indeed a real opportunity here for a ColdhamCuddlies invasion of the golf course!  Look out the Golfing World!

Having completed BG, the Quick Unpic has once again been wielded and an attack on the Little Brown Bear has taken place.  He's now been de-stuffed, washed and sewn up (with photographs taken at each stage).  This will form part of a future post:  (may be even the next one).  That will depend on when I can begin completing Fred Bear's on-going treatment.  While I wait for PatC's report on the decision(s) taken with her sister over the exact colour of Fred's paws, I will commence stuffing Little Brown Bear and getting him ready for his return journey to Nottinghamshire and his Toy Box home with PamL.

Meanwhile - here's to the next time:  by the way Followers are up to 203 (and we're hoping for more after the Liebster Blog Award) and at the last time of looking, the Blog has now had over 7,000 views.

 Thank you everyone for your continued support.  Bless you all.  Isobel