Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Tigger Long-Legs Threesome are Here!

Hello again Everyone!  Cy Bear here - being allowed to introduce the three newest members of the ColdamCuddlies Family.  They were finally listed earlier today, under Etsy Listing #108763404.

Towards the end of last month - 26th and 28th August respectively - Isobel posted here about how she had handled the Treatment of Long-Legged Tiger.  She (or it might have been myself) added that three new versions were in the process of being produced, after she'd created a template from Tiger himself.  This is the story of how they've managed to get into our Shop at

In the end, Isobel actually cut out and partially sewed four versions, because the original material she had selected for one version - although very handsome- actually turned out to be completely unsuitable.  It frayed unmercifully and no matter how she tried, Isobel was unable to turn the finished body inside out.  The material was just too thick and stubborn, and her arthritic fingers (compounded by the injured right hand she was carrying at the time) could not cope.  So, both the body and the rest of the material she had in her stock were dumped unceremoniously in the dustbin.

The resulting replacement version is Denim Tigger Long-Legs, made from a remnant Isobel found when she was scouting around in her haberdashery outlet in near-by Warminster, "Think Outside the Box".  She gets her felt for our collars and the boots for our Lady Toys from there, as well as other items she comes across (principally our eyes!).

Denim Tigger  in the middle of this picture:  the others are Rusty Tigger Long-Legs (on the left) and Beige Tigger Long-Legs on the right.

Three's Company!
 As all three of them were made in the same way, the description of the sewing process can cover all of them, so this post should not be too lengthy.  The next photograph shows the original three versions spread over Isobel's dining table before she began to put them all together.

This picture shows the discarded version on the left of the circle.  It was made of a velvety fabric, which Isobel had previously been able to use to make tea cosies.  However, the cosies were much bigger and easier to turn inside out, because the material was quite thick and Tigger Long-Legs' limbs were just too small to accommodate the seams etc.  As is the normal procedure when working with tweed and other items with a tendency to fray, Isobel has oversewn all the seams to preserve the integrity of the toys.

As you can see, they don't have as many different pieces as some of the rest of us ColdhamCuddlies do, so are relatively easy to put together.  The paws are sewn on to the arms and the body is sewn up and stuffed.  All three of the Tiggers are made to sit up - just like the model Long Legged Tiger - so, Isobel sews a double line at the top of each leg.  The legs are then stuffed from the bottom, sewn up and the paws stuffed and attached at the appropriate places on each Tigger toy.  The arms are stuffed and sewn at the top of each limb, and slotted into each side of the body.  Once attached, Isobel was able to stuff the body, and that left the head and ears.

This is Beige Tigger Long-Legs
 Isobel seems to have adopted a new routine when it comes to making some of the recent toys.  Once she had placed the eyes in the appropriate spots, she used to stuff the heads and then attach ears, embroider the noses and mouths of us toys and then attached them to the body itself.  She's discovered that it's easier - at least on the more recent toys (the two new Golden Plush Glove Puppets and the Golf Club Head Covers in particular) - to do the facial expressions and then stuff the heads.  The ears are then attached; (sometimes that can take some time!)

Here's Rusty Tigger Long-Legs to join the party!  

Then the head and body get sewed together and Isobel then attaches the white felt collars.  Then, just to add a finishing touch, a multi-coloured lace is tied round the neck and sewn firmly into place and the collar turned over to create a crisp, smart finish to the toys.  The lace is then tied to form a neat bow, which, in turn, is sewn into place.

Lastly - but by no means least - here is Denim Tigger Long-Legs.
They all have mouths embroidered in with Black Double Knitting yarn - matching their respective noses - but because of the black print on the plush fabric, some of them don't show up as well as they might. 

All three have been listed as Tigger Long-Legs Plush Toys in our shop at under their unique Etsy Listing #108763404.  This information has been posted on all the Etsy team forums that Isobel regularly monitors and posts on.  Let's hope they all find their Forever Homes before too long - they are a cheeky bunch of chappies, I can tell you!

Until the next time, hope everyone is well.  It's been nice to post again - and I'm pleased to tell you that Isobel's wonky little finger is beginning to feel like it belongs to her right hand.  It still has a tendency to hit the wrong keys on the computer key-board, but not as frequently!  Good night; Cy Bear