Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Experiment is successful: now for the partial introduction of the Buchanan Wolves.

Cy Bear calling in after a spell away from posting here.  It's just amazing how fast this New Year is going past.  Only a month today, it was Christmas Day - and here we are, nearly at the end of January already.

Isobel has been busy finishing off the experimental Wolves who are set to become part of the Cuddlies Family shortly and was able to send pictures of them, almost completed to MsKN - the author who has been waiting patiently for them to be done since she first contacted us in August last year.  The wonderful thing about this assignment is that there has not been a deadline - and Isobel has been able to finish Slippers, send more Cuddlies off to their Forever Homes and think about how the Wolves will be made.

I'm pleased to say that based on the photographs we sent earlier this week, the experimental Mr and Mrs Wolf have passed muster.  Isobel will  now get on with Mr. Buchanan Wolf  who has been ordered, while we await the arrival of some special coloured glass eyes that MsKN particularly wanted for her Mrs Buchanan Wolf.  They're called that at the moment, because MsKN specifically required them to be dressed in the Buchanan tartan plaid fabric which is presently worn by our Tartan Foxes (Etsy Listing #65456642).  Originally there were three of them:  now we are reduced to two - the one in the middle of this picture was sent to her Forever Home early in December.

We are still waiting to hear how she was received by her Forever Friend.  The person ordering them told us they had arrived at her home, but Miss Buchanan Fox with the yellow braid adornment was destined as a Christmas present for her Mum (whose ancestors were Scottish Buchanans).

MsKN's Wolves have the surname Buchanan in her story -a series of three. ( Isobel has read - and enjoyed - the first one) but MsKN is anxious to have some models wearing the plaid before her as she sits and writes the rest of her story.

To begin with, Isobel decided she would make two versions of the Gentleman Wolf and two of the Lady Wolf, and began with cutting out and sewing up their heads.  Since she was using fabric with a much thicker pile than the faux fur plush we normally use for our Foxes, she decided to experiment as she went along - and has actually shaped their faces in a way that she has not done previously, and she's used a plastic nose for Mr. Wolf - the first time she's done this.  (Normally, as you know, our noses have been embroidered with black or brown double knitting yarn).

 (It has been decided that we will be using Plastic Noses some more in future - they give a completely different "look" to the finished Toy!)

The same pattern is being used as the basis for the Wolves as Isobel uses for the Foxes and Coyotes in the Coldham Cuddlies Family, but because the fabric has such a different texture (it's much thicker), the head looks a bit bigger.  Apart from the eyes, which are actually green in this version, MsKN was happy for us to go ahead, as long as  her Mr. Wolf had Blue eyes.  This we've been able to do, and he doesn't look that much different from the photo we've shown you.

Isobel then made his clothes - with a smart Brown Tweed Jacket, and contrasting jodhpurs in the rather unusually striped velveteen fabric we have in stock.  Together with some smart brown leather boots, he looks like this - without the head attached.  MsKN did wonder if her Wolf might have a Brown Tweed Suit, and we were prepared to meet this request.  However, Isobel felt (and MsKN now agrees) that the finished Toy would present rather a dull appearance, so the striped trousers will now be produced once again.

The waistcoat is not made with the Buchanan Tartan and Isobel has yet to establish to which clan it actually belongs.  This will be established before we list both Mr. and Mrs. Tartan Wolf in our shop at, but we thought you'd like to see what Isobel has been doing in the interval between this post and the one she sent last week.

(The sharp eyed Followers among you will doubtless notice that one boot is not level with the other here!  The finished product does have level boots!  All will be revealed when both the Wolves are listed, once the Buchanan Wolves are on their way to their Forever Home).

We've also found a new home for another of our Baby Koalas (Etsy Listing #55190188) - the order came in from  MrGC in Hong Kong earlier this week, with a plea that if possible, he'd like it to be sent to him before February 14.  As Koala was in stock, we arranged a rapid Koala Catwalk session with the three remaining Baby Bears, one was chosen - and having agreed to accept the package being sent via International Signed For  rate charged by UK Royal Mail, Koala was upgraded and  is now travelling as a "parcel" rather than a "small packet" - which his weight actually allowed him to go.  We're now all keeping our fingers crossed that he will arrive in time.  Here's a picture of him before he departed for his Forever Home.

There's another post being prepared - to be published sometime next week - about a potential Patient in our Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185).  He arrived for treatment, his ear was dispatched for matching purposes, and then his Forever Friend changed her mind.  We'll tell you all about that next time.

In the meantime - it's been nice being with you all once again.  Cy Bear.