Friday, 15 March 2013

An Update Post - more news from Southbridge, Ma and our Newest Patient

Good evening again, everyone:

Cy Bear here with the promised updates about my friend Hairy Bear who recently left us and arrived safely in Southbridge, Ma.  We had some difficulty in downloading the original pictures Ms.AB kindly sent us with the story of his arrival, but eventually, we got there.  Seems that Isobel's recent change in browser caused this little hiccough, but as we're about to change our computer all together (more about that shortly), we'll try to cope as we are for the time being.

We learned of Hairy Bear's safe arrival with a message from MsAB which started

Guess who just arrived in another major snowstorm.... Hairy bear! Wow, he made it here in record time .... 

But I had to share this one with you, it is a miracle that he arrived at our doorstep, as the address seems to have washed off the mailing bag, maybe it got wet on the way? You really have to look with a magnifying glass to look for traces of it. For once I am impressed with the mail service! hairy bear is so cuddly and sweet, my Mom will be thrilled with him, I am sure. ...

Now this is the first time such an error has happened, and Isobel wonders if it's because she used a different type of pen to write the address on the polythene Postage Envelope that we use for our Cuddlies to travel in.  She did write the address on both sides of the parcel, so perhaps it was a mixture of both sides that enabled Hairy to arrive safely.  Needless to say, that pen has now been disposed of, and we've got one that is allegedly waterproof for all future dispatches!

A few days later we got this picture - together with another message from MsAB - with the answer  to the question as to whether or not Hairy would be wearing a new sweater, like Ollie and Georgie, or not!

And the message reads:

"Here are the three "Musketeers" reading together on a rainy day :) Hairy likes to be in the "nude" and has only agreed to cover up his beautiful fur during the coldest weather. They sure are well behaved bears!
Bear hugs from all of us :) "   

(Subsequent discussion between MsAB and Isobel has resulted in these guys being collectively referred to as Bearketeers.  We feel that to be more appropriate than Musketeers.  Wonder what other folks think?)

In case I've not mentioned it before, MsAB is one of our very first Followers here on this blog - as well as being the first ever customer of ColdhamCuddlies.  So, all is well that ends well.  We have been promised another picture of Hairy when he meets his Forever Friend - sometime in May,  which is when MsAB's Mom has her birthday, and Hairy is destined to be a special present for a special occasion!

Meanwhile, Isobel has now been able to get the special Mohair fabric for the renovation of Turner Bear which will take place shortly in the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185) and  will form the basis of a couple of future posts no doubt.  However, as there is no deadline by which the therapy has to be concluded, Turner will continue to sit with me on Isobel's bed, minus his ear - because there's no point in it being sewn back on, when it will be discarded when the treatment takes place.  MrsJS, Turner's Forever Friend, was delighted with the match we've been able to provide.

In the interim, Isobel is in the middle of sewing two new Gentleman Foxes - she's sewing the numerous pieces of head, paws, tail and boots, together with their individual clothes, and hopes to have them ready for re-listing in the shop at sometime next week.  There are then some Frogs, Owls and Gentlemen Rabbits to be replaced - and THEN  Turner Bear will be able to get Isobel's full attention.

That's all for this evening.  Do hope everyone following us has a really great week-end - with lots of sunshine.  Unfortunately, although we've had some this week, we're facing rain all weekend, with the likelihood of the return of snowy conditions early next week. Oh for Spring - I'm really looking forward to having some photographs taken outside in our lovely garden here in Heytesbury - instead of being cooped up in our mini-photographic studio inside.  I take up so much room, that there is not that much space for anyone else - but Isobel is learning how to cope with it, and hopefully the results will be seen shortly.

Our week-end is to be a fun one:  we've got Clare and Alan, together with their dog, Dotty, due to arrive here very late this evening (they're driving down from Nottinghamshire - four and a half hours away) and then on Saturday, Alan will be showing Isobel how to set up and load her new computer.  (He'll probably be doing most of it, because he's brilliant at such matters - and Clare wants to visit Think Outside the Box, our haberdashery supplier in Warminster, because she needs to stock up on her craft supplies.  That's if she needs, to:  because Isobel has got a lot of such things in her store cupboard, which she doesn't think she'll ever get round to using, that she's going to let Clare loose in there first!!!  Results should be interesting....!

Good Night All - Cy Bear.