Thursday, 4 October 2012

Now for a Miscellany Update

One thing I've learned as I've gone down the blogging route is that one needs to be flexible.  The best laid plans of mice and men (as happened earlier this year) have a habit of interrupting mine - and this week has been no exception, other than that this latest hiccup was a minor one!

 The modelling session for Loppy Lugs the Arm Puppet (LL) did not take place - the models' Dad, who works from home, had double-booked and it was not convenient for them to come earlier (because I had indavertently forgotten I was due at the doctor's for a minor consultation and could not be sure when the 'bus would deliver me home!)  I'm still find my way around the time-table, which seems to have a habit of changing almost at the whim of the driver!  When challenged this time, the driver rapidly got out his laminated sheet - to prove that he was actually only 5 minutes later than scheduled (whereas I had got there at least 15 minutes too early!!).

Thus, as I am now not sure when, or if,  a modelling session can be re-scheduled,  I've taken this photograph of  LL which actually shows how the extensions work as arms and legs.

I'm keen to send the Nottinghamshire-based loaned toys back home to their Toy Box with PamL, so having shown you a picture of the rejuvenated Loppy Lugs, as promised by Cy Bear in his last post, they will probably be parcelled up and sent off before the week-end.  I badly need the space, so that I can make my versions of the Arm Puppet, as well as get on with replacing some items in the Shop at!  Perhaps by that time, I may have found other models to show the Arm Puppets working.

Next, as the title for this post implies - being a miscellany means I'm taking the opportunity to introduce two potential new members of the ColdhamCuddlies Family - Percy and Petunia Pig!

 These two were actually made by Fred Bear's Best Friend, too long ago for her to remember exactly when!  She's having a major clear out of sewing items at the moment, because of failing eyesight, and it looks as though not only will I benefit from the addition of these two, but there's going to be a whole lot of decorative odds and ends coming my way too!  The hand-over will take place at the end of October when I am due to go and stay with Fred and Best Friend, PatC.  These guys, though stuffed, do need more filling in order to stay upright - they're presently lying flat on their backs, because after this picture was taken, their legs gave way under them.  That won't be a problem to fix though, and they also came complete with patterns for trousers and dress, respectively.

This project will have to wait until I return from a few days staying with Peter's brother, MartynM in Normandy, France (which happens to also be the home of Madame Lapin and Mons Reynard - both of whom featured in posts earlier this year during which their rejuvenation treatments in the Soft Toy Clinic were described in some detail). 

That jaunt takes place this Sunday, when elder daughter, Philippa and I take the Night Ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre - returning the same way, but during the early evening, Thursday, October 11.  This will be the first time I've been to France, so it's quite exciting - or will be, once I've got off the Ferry.  As one who can suffer sea-sickness on the Serpentine (a lake in Hyde Park, London - for those who might not be familiar with this site) the prospect of 6 hours on the English Channel is daunting indeed.  Am just hoping that as I shall be lying down, hopefully lulled to sleep, I shall be OK - just keep your fingers crossed, please!  Coming back, it's only 5 hours, because of the time difference,  but we are expected to be sitting up!!  Enough said, methinks!

The final batch of photographs shows the Cuddlies Stall at last Friday's Greatest Coffee Morning in the World in aid of MacMillan Cancer.

Some official photographs were taken for submission to The Warminster Journal  and I've tonight received a note from the photographer that the picture of us she submitted has been published in this week's edition.  I shall be picking it up from our Post Office in the Village tomorrow morning.  It's quite a record appearance, actually:  items submitted to the publication can take up to 6 weeks to be mentioned!  To be in within the week must mean they are clearing the decks for stories about the upcoming Warminster Festival - which begins on Saturday for two weeks - or they have been short of suitable material!

The Coffee Morning was more productive than I had expected:  two more Bears have been booked in for renovation therapy  for later in October, with the deposit for one already in the BankBlack Gorilla found a new home, initially at one of the Village pubs, The Red Lion.  However, the landlord was having his own Coffee Morning for MacMillan Cancer (with the proceeds being added to the Slater's Barn event the previous day) and BG was the prize for a competition to give him a name! (I had not told him what BG had been labelled up till then)  He ended up being called Banana, and was won by the owner of Slater's Barn, who happens to have invited me to lunch just the other day!  Not sure what is going to happen to Banana, aka BG,  now!

I have also been commissioned to make a Frog for a gentleman who is anxious to give it to his sister-in-law (who is apparently "mad about Frogs" - she has at least 40 of them around her house!)  Not only that, she has friends who are equally enamoured.  So on the basis of there being a potential market for these toys, and my having confirmed that I do have a pattern for one, these too will be added to the Cuddlies Family.  (Must admit, Frogs have never featured on my radar - I just don't like them, and they cannot really be described as "cuddly", can they?  However, who am I to argue with a persistent customer - who has already paid a deposit for the estimated cost and is prepared to wait until mid-to-late November for delivery!)

By the way, the Coldham Cuddlies stall will be repeated at the Arts in the Park show this Saturday, which is one of the opening features of the Warminster Festival.  A report on that - which will also include the result of the Go Bustards competition (another recent feature in this blog) - will have to wait until I get back from France.  I just will not have the time before I leave.

Thus, there will be a short gap in sumissions here.  Do hope you will continue to read and Follow us.  We're certainly getting more views (over 8,000 at the last look) and the number of Followers has risen to 215. Thanks, as ever, for the support!

Bye for now - from both Cy Bear (who will be staying at home) and me.  Isobel