Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hail and Farewell

Hello again - it's Cy Bear talking to you, as promised during the last post.  There's a lot to tell and photos to share with you all - so here goes.

This morning, Isobel took the two Baby White Rabbits to Heytesbury Post Office and they duly caught the 1125 BST (which I'm told stands for British Summer Time - there's precious little sign of summer here today, by the way) post headed for Mrs. GC's home in Beecroft, New South Wales, Australia.  They were well wrapped up in chemical free tissue paper and bubble wrap and then placed in a polythene air mail bag, so they should be as comfortable as it is possible to be.  I said good-bye to them as is my custom:

Sitting on the ground in the garden at home
Then yesterday evening, rather late, Isobel finally managed to list the new member of the Coldham Cuddlies family in our shop at  He is known as Bear with a Blue Scarf (a.k.a. Little Ed Ted), and his Etsy Listing number is #79522674.  I'd like to officially welcome him to the Familly by including his picture with me below:

Little Ed Ted standing with me in the garden
Little Ed Ted is a somewhat smaller bear than all the rest of us in the Coldham Cuddlies family of Bears, and he's the first of us to have an adornment in the form of a scarf.  When he was completed, Isobel
felt that his neck was a little longer than expected and felt that a scarf would be the ideal way to make him look casual, smart and elegant.  She used royal blue double knitting wool for the main bit of the scarf, and white and light blue wool for the edges, including all three colours in the tassles.  The fabric Little Ed Ted is made from is the same as that used to rejuvenate Ed Ted, which is 17mm Dense Distressed Spring Gold mohair.  Isobel says that she loved using it and will be using it again whenever requested.

Oh, another thing, we've now got three more patients who have joined the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185).  They arrived in the post this morning - from Ed Ted's best friend RFE incidentally - having been discovered in a corner of RFE's home attic just before he handed his house over, the sale having been completed.  They include two glove puppet Bears and a huge big Koala - which is going to be exciting for the existing Koalas (Etsy Listing #55190188)  in the ColdhamCuddlies shop (

They are going to make an exciting addition to the family and Isobel will give them a real up date once Tommy Teddy and Brr Bear have been rejuvenated.  We're still waiting to hear from Bear Basics - and presume that Susan must be on holiday, as no one was answering the telephone this afternoon.

Isobel is quite busy still completing Panda Bear's replacement, so there's no rush on that score - yet. Panda Bear begins his journey to Saudi Arabia on Saturday, so his departure will be recorded in our next posting.  In the interim, here is another picture of Little Ed Ted, as well as another one of Panda Bear in the garden here at home in Heytesbury.
Little Ed Ted standing on a bench in the garden
Panda Bear on the same spot as Little  Ed Ted
So, with that, I'll end tonight's post.  Have a great day tomorrow, and be with you again soon.  Cy Bear