Thursday, 15 March 2012

BESTeam Feature Blog - First for March

The Boosting Etsy Shops Team's goal is to offer support
and promotion of one another's Etsy shops primarily through our
personal Blogs, and also through our Twitter Accounts and Facebook Fanpages.
Commitment to this common goal is what makes our team the BEST! 

Anyone connected with Etsy cannot help but notice that jewellery designers form a large part of the handmade world! That fact is amply reflected within the much smaller, but wonderful world of the BESTeam on Etsy. So, having been a privileged member of the team since January this year, believe it to be high time on my part for an acknowledgement of these creative designers’ shops.

This feature has common themes of silver - mostly of the sterling variety, semi-precious and gemstones, and the colours pink and mauve: so, here goes.

The first shop today - a fairly recent recruit to the Team - is owned by Julian Oribe, who fully admits that its down to AdrianaLauraMendez’s designs, which feature crochet silver and semi-precious stones in their necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants. Now as one who used to crochet with more traditional materials of wool and cottons, but gave up because of all the counting involved, I’m awed at this display of original craftsmanship. The Brazilian Amethyst pendant is a great representative of the Latin/American/French background of the artistic designer and is the mauve feature of this blog.

Brazillian Amethyst Pendant in a crocheted sterling silver surround

Visit their shop at to see more beautiful, wearable jewellery.

Next comes a worthy representative of another Continent - Africa - in the form of Delia Benn, and the products she displays in her shop DeeDeeDzyn. She, too, is a fairly recent recruit to the BESTeam and her jewellery is rooted in her African origins. Using gold lame thread, and pink stones, her Lariat in Shades of Pink, also uses crochet as the linking medium - but what a different outcome is achieved!

Lariat in shades of Pink

Why not visit” and wallow in the lovely items on offer?

Then my final choice for this particular post is made by Cindy “with love” to quote from her Etsy profile. She too uses sterling silver as a material of choice, as well as pearls, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals in her lovely jewellery design.

Add caption

Cindy can be contacted at her shop - or at the following:;; or go to her blog at to read all about her designs.

Though I'm not into buying jewellery for myself these days - I'm lucky enough to have sufficient for my current social requirements! - I've two daughters whom I could easily see enjoying visits to these featured shops and not leaving empty-handed either!

As part of my BESTeam commitment, throughout the coming months (provided they accept me as a full time member) I hope to  be posting short features of each of the fabulous shops and talented craftspersons representing the team.  What is BESTeam?  It's The Boosting Etsy Shops Team and our goal is to give support to each other and to help promote each others' Etsy shops through blogging, Facebook and other social networks.  If you are an Etsy shopowner and are interested in learning more about BESTeam, please visit the team page on Etsy or have a look at the BESTeam blog.