Sunday, 14 July 2013

Three New Listings - featuring the ColdhamCuddlies Children's Footwarmer Range.

Finally, we're able to announce that all three versions - Small, Medium and Large - of our Children's Slippers have now been listed at

They are currently samples of each toy featured - Small = Baby Foxes:  Medium = Leopards: and Large = Tigers.  Each pair took between 2-4 days to complete (depending on what else I had to do at the same time!)  Naturally, should orders be received, they will be attended to as quickly as possible, in the order they are received.  I'm allowing myself 3-4 weeks to complete - giving me plenty of time, hopefully, to be able to deliver faster!

First we feature the Small Baby Foxes

Etsy Listing # 156563936
These Baby Fox Headed Chestnut Plush Kids or Childrens Slippers are based on a 1983 Simplicity Pattern sent to me by LauraC while I was constructing the Golden Yellow Bunny Slippers ( Etsy Listing #152976020).     They form part of the  2013 New Product offering for inclusion into the ColdhamCuddlies Family.

They measure approximately 7 inches from toe to heel along the sole.  The sole is formed on the outside from a piece of Brown Suedette fabric, and lined on the inside with the same Chestnut Plush used to form the sides and uppers of  each Slipper.  Each slipper is constructed by sewing an outer layer of Chestnut Plush to an inner White Fleece lining.  They are then joined with seams facing and sewn together around the edges of  the brown suedette sole.  The plush lining is then added and the whole slipper turned inside out.  The upper is constructed so that the fleece lining has the seam facing the outer plush layer which is sewn together with ladder stitching.

The Fox Heads are based on a pattern for a Baby Fox, part of the Fox Family (Etsy Listing #59809283)  who already feature in the ColdhamCuddlies Shop. They are stuffed with polyester fibre, which meets all international safety standards, and the ears are lined with satin lining.  Each head is then  attached to the upper lining of the appropriate slipper,  prior to the outer plush layer of the slipper uppers being closed to the ankle, over the arch of the foot.

The Ankle of each slipper is then trimmed with Peach Velvet Ribbon, and then threaded through with elastic.  There is a gap just behind the head of each Fox where the elastic can be pulled through to make any adjustments needed for a neat fit for the Young Person.  There is also a small allowance for expansion, as well as reduction, if needed.

Next, using the same 1983 Simplicity Pattern, these Medium Sized Kids Slippers used a smaller version of the head for the  Long Legged Tigger Toy (Etsy Listing 108763404)  already in our shop and uses an Brown and Black Spotted Polyester Fabric for the outer layer.  That layer is backed with a cream fleece fabric, and the entire slipper has a blue fleece lining.  The Leopards join the Chestnut Foxes    as part of the 2013 New Cuddlies Family.  Effectively, the entire slipper consists of three layers of warm fabric for the sides and upper, and the same for the soles.  This results in a truly cosy pair of slippers for a childs' cold feet on a chilly winter day.

Etsy Listing # 156616186
As a medium sized Childrens Slipper, they measure 7-3/4 inches from toe to heel and the outer sole uses Brown Suedette fabric to form the shoe base. The inner layer of the Slipper is made with Blue Fleece Lining.  The outer and inner layers are sewn together separately, and then laid with seams facing and attached around the suedette sole.  The inside sole is lined with matching spotted fabric with its own fleece backing.

The heads are constructed separately, stuffed with polyester fibrefill meeting all international safety standards.  Plastic Eyes - with plastic safety backing - are attached prior to the heads being stuffed.  The ears are then attached and the entire head is then sewn on to the inner lining of the slipper at the upper over the arch of the foot.  The outer layers are than sewn in place enclosing the head in place.

 At the ankle, Dark Yellow Cotton Seam Binding is used to trim the slippers, with elastic threaded through to assist a comfortable fit.  There is a gap in the trimming, behind the Leopard Heads, where the elastic can be accessed should alterations to the size be required.  A small allowance has been provided for expansion or contraction - as the need arises.

Etsy Listing #156629069
These Yellow and  Black Striped Tiger Headed Childrens or Kids Slippers are the final in the latest trio of toys or novelty offerings for the 2013 season.  As with  the small sized Foxy version (Etsy Listing #156563936)   and  the medium-sized Leopards heads, they too are based on a 1983 Simplicity Pattern.     I did not like the original animal heads in the Simplicity Pattern, and substituted versions of the Toys already in the ColdhamCuddlies shop (  Very grateful, though, for the patterns provided for the Kids' and Mens' versions.  I shall have to rely on my already tried and tested Ladies' template!

To qualify as a Large sized Slippers, as these Tigers are, the suedette fabric soles measure  8-1/2 inches from heel to toe.  Like the other two Kids Slipper versions, they are lined with a fleece lining - this time in Pink.   (Tigers have a femine side too!).  The inside of the sole is lined with the Tiger Striped animal print fabric which is used for the outer layer of the slipper and uppers.  They are made in exactly the same way as the other two slippers - with the outer plush fabric being sewn separately from the pink fleece lining.  The two fabrics are then laid together with the seams facing each other and both are simultaneously sewn round the sole, and the slipper is finished off with the addition of the plush fabric sewn to form the inside sole of the shoe. 

 The head is made separately, and has a pair of plastic eyes fixed backed with a plastic safety clasp.  Then it is stuffed with polyester fibre - meeting all international safety standards.  Once the ears have been attached and the facial expression embroidered using black double knitting yarn, the head is first attached to the pink lining which has been sewn with the seam facing outwards.  Once attached to the lining, the outer plush layer is fitted around the head over the foot arch and fastened firmly at the front of the ankle. 

There is an orange satin ribbon trimming around the ankle threaded through with elastic to achieve a good fit.  Sufficient elastic has been used to allow adjustments - expansion or contraction - to meet the individual's needs.  The elastic can be accessed through a gap in the orange ribbon trim at the back of the Tiger's head and the adjustments made by unpicking the seam to get the correct fit. 

This is a sample, and orders are most welcome!  Buyers should be aware that the Tigers took me between 3-4 days to complete.  However that could be affected depending on the order book situation.  If a specific deadline is required, therefore, please allow between 3-4 weeks for me to meet your needs:  I'd hate to disappoint a child by being late.  You will be notified when the item is ready for posting and/or already on its way to the intended destination.

Childrens'/Kids' Slipper Identity Parade!
For the time being, slipper production - whether it be Kids', Ladies' and/or Gentlemen's (last mentioned  have yet to be embarked upon) will cease - unless of course, orders begin to be received!  Then, of course, I shall be going into overdrive!

Later today, I intend to get working with my trusty "Quic 'Unpic" on Pooh Bear, the first patient in the queue for treatment - as described in Cy Bear's last post here.  In between, I hope to finish a very exciting book, one of the "set books" for Assignment 2 of the Children's Writing Course.  The books for Assignment 1 have been returned to the local library, and I await delivery of two that were out on loan  when I put in my request last Friday. 

 Am really enjoying reading Childrens' literature again - so far, I've managed to keep my eyes open to the end of whatever book I am reading at any one time!  That hasn't happened with much adult stuff in recent times, so I'm wondering if it is ME - or the adult offerings?  Perhaps we should leave things at that!!!

Assignment 1 from my point of view is now "in waiting" mode.  I had to critique one of the set books "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe", by C.S. Lewis - which I vividly recall reading to my two girls when they were at the bedtime story reading stage in the 1970's in Canada.  Great to re-establish contact again!  Then I had to write something for an imaginary child reader - aged 7-ish.  Cy Bear featured - as I hope he will  to continue to do as the Course proceeds - and  the Tutor's comments etc are awaited!

Good bye for the time being.   Lovely to be back blogging with you - do intend to do more, once the Patient therapies begin!  Cy Bear can't have it all the way - especially as he is going to be so involved helping me in the Writing Course!   He'll start to think he's indispensable!!  Isobel