Saturday, 13 October 2012

Catching my Breath - having survived the English Channel crossings

Well, I'm back after three wonderful days with family and their friends in Normandy and whilst I didn't see too much of the surrounding countryside - the weather gods were not being friendly, and we were surrounded by sheets of rain until the morning we left - the unfamiliar shops and beautiful cheese and wines more than made up for it.  So much so that plans are afoot for a repeat visit - but not until the official Spring time - when,hopefully, the Sun will have re-discovered where both Normandy and South West UK are situated (because it was evidently not much better here in Heytesbury while I was away with Philippa.)

The Channel was benign - especially on the outward journey:  coming back there was a bit of a swell, but as I was concentrating hard on sewing calico bodies for future dressed Lady and Gentlemen Toys for the shop at and the sensation was somewhat similar to aircraft turbulence (which has never worried me!) all's well that ends well.

Now, having caught up with all the social media tasks, read some of my favourite blogs and linked up with some of my favourite linky parties, I'm ready once more to start blogging here again, having caught my breath - and started to sample some of the cheeses purchased while I was away.  So, it's once again, somewhat of an update blog again today.

The Arts in the Park Craft Fair result was somewhat of a mixed bag.  At the moment, it looks like I have suffered a small loss - although two of my Fleece Baby Bunnies (Etsy Listing # 89020911 - a Purple/White and Pink/White one) found new Forever Homes.  Selling them did not quite cover the cost of the table on which the Cuddlies were displayed.

However, there were  two expressions of interest about possible purchases of Golf Club Head Covers - one already in stock and one using a Tiger Head based on the Tigger Long-Legs variations (Etsy Listing #108763404).

 Alas, I was not sufficiently fast on my feet to get a deposit from either potential buyer, so whilst expectant, I am not that hopeful.  Had I been a more persuasive seller, I would then have been able to claim that the event was a profitable exercise.  One lives and learns - and at least, I have been invited to attend a Primary School Christmas Bazaar in Codford, a nearby village, on December 1.  That is a direct result of my recent increased activity via Facebook, so all my social media blitzing is beginning to have some payback, it might seem.

In my last post (Now for a Miscellany Update -04/10/2012) I mentioned that ColdhamCuddlies had been selected to feature in an article in The Warminster Journal following the Slaters Barn Coffee Morning Craft Sale:  it's pleasing to tell you that apart from a photograph of the Organiser of the event, the only stall selected from that particular event was indeed our stall.  As ever, the scanner was unable to reproduce a legible copy of either picture or article, so you'll just have to take my word for it!  (Not my scanner's deficiency:  but the paper on which the publication is produced!)

The next items on the production list are the completion of the Wombat Christmas order - the two completed ones were taken home by Philippa yesterday,  (This saves me having to haul all four when I go to visit her at the end of October).

Two done:  two to go!
I have the third Wombat needing the addition of eyes, ears, nose and stuffing and the fourth still in pieces.  Then I've got to make a replacement Baby Hedgehog, as the latest one is destined for a  Forever Home in Chessington, Surrey as a First Birthday Present for a young lad who arrived in the World last December on Peter's birthday.   (So that's a very special present, as well as needing a replacement:   rumour has it one of my fellow resident neighbours has an eye on at least another one!).  I have also been asked to provide a Coyote for daughter Clare's best friend in Canada  She is expecting her first child early in December (where has this year gone?) and I've also said I'll make a dressed Rabbit for a competition entry from the Heytesbury Branch of the Royal British Legion Women's Section to the National Handicraft competition.

So I had just better close all this blogging down for now - and start sewing!  See you all soon.  Isobel