Sunday, 25 January 2015

One thing that led to another ... and another ....

Good afternoon, Folks!  Cy Bear back again for another session with you all - cannot believe how long it is since Isobel interrupted our getting-together here on our blog!  Long may it continue.
Seem to recall that at the end of last week's post, I said we'd introduced another new Cuddly to the COLDHAMCUDDLIES family and that I'd tell you all about him when we next met.  So - here is his story - or rather, to begin with, the story of both our new Sleepy Koala Bears.

To make these little fellows, Isobel used the template she made when she originally treated Little Brown Ted - a small bear that had lived in a toybox kept by Alan's mother, when Alan himself was at an age to play with stuffed toys.  By the time we'd been introduced, he was a Patient in our Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic, and after creating a template using his plush pieces, we ended up with Little Sleepy Ted, a Yellow Plush Teddy Bear.

MsHG contacted Isobel on Christmas Eve last year to ask if it would be possible for us to make a Sleepy Koala based on the same template pattern, so these two chaps are the result.  We took photographs of both of them, and sent them to MsHG for her to decide which she'd like to provide a Forever Home to, and she asked for Sleepy Koala on the right - and asked that the left-hand Koala be given an extra hug, because she felt guilty at not taking them both!

So, Right Hand Koala was wrapped up and readied for his trip to Torquay, Devon, England, UK - but not before there was our usual farewell ceremony.

Also, before the departing Sleepy Koala was wrapped up, Isobel took some photos of them together so that the remaining one could be listed in our Shop ( 

Because they don't sit up terribly well - unless propped up with pillows (they're not called "Sleepy" for nothing, after all),  we took them propping each other up, and then one showing their rears:

Then, we took a side view of the remaining Sleepy Koala, seen below:

One of him facing the camera, full on

and, finally, one of him with a facial close-up:

Then on Wednesday morning Isobel took him to our local Post Office, where she walks every day - if possible - to get her daily newspaper, and posted him to MsHG.

 By mid-afternoon on the Thursday, we received a convo message from her to say that Sleepy Koala had arrived safely, she sent a picture of him in his new Forever Home and posted it on our Coldham Cuddlies Facebook page and then, in the early evening, Isobel received a telephone call from her.  She was so pleased with Sleepy (which is what she's is going to call him) that she asked if the Baby Koalas we already have in our Shop were made with the same fabric as Sleepy.

Having confirmed that indeed they were, Isobel offered MsHG the chance to choose which of the three Baby Koalas remaining in the Shop she would like - we originally had four listed, but one was sold during the Christmas Bazaar in the Kirkby Festival Hall at the beginning of December 2014.  She chose and convo'd Isobel telling her which one she wanted.  But, when Isobel went to get him from his snug, she found that we'd got one of our original Brown Koala's still looking for a Forever Home.

On the off chance that MsHG might like him better, she sent a picture of Brown Baby Koala, together with the one she had chosen (just confirming we'd got the right one).  Well, blow me down, on Saturday afternoon, MsHG came back with the request that she'd like both of them:  she thought they both looked as though they were the best of pals, and she hadn't the heart to separate them - as well as the two Sleepy Koalas.  So, on Monday, we will be posting the two Baby Koalas so they can join Sleepy Koala.  With luck, their journey will end with a great reunion sometime next Tuesday(Brown Koala is the last of his line - because Isobel wants to keep the remaining Light Brown Faux Fur so she can make more Big Teddy Bears.   We have a much bigger stash of the Grey/White Faux Fur fabric now.)

So, although there's plenty more to tell - and show - you I'll close this post for now.  See you all soon, because there are some more exciting possibilities on the horizon.  It's all happening here at the moment!

Your friend Cy Bear

Coldham Cuddlies Clinic