Sunday, 3 July 2016

New projects in the pipeline.

Hello Everyone!

Cy Bear back again, with apologies for absence last week-end.  However, you were warned that this might happen, so I'm not feeling as bad about it as I once would have done!

The family celebrations for Isobel's Grandson's 2nd Birthday and Baptism were fantastic - by report. Naturally, being a Beaver Lamb Bear, with duties to perform on the Coldham Cuddlies front, I do not get included in these events!  However, it did mean that not much sewing got done the previous week, so there was not much to write about either.

This week has not been that much better - but towards the end of it, Isobel did manage to begin new projects - largely as a result of two enquiries received during the week via our Shop  (  One is for an actual order for one of our recently produced Baby Monkeys:

One of the three pictured above will be travelling shortly to Buckfastleigh, Devon, UK shortly.  We're not sure which one - yet.  Isobel, when acknowledging the order, enquired whether our Customer would like to choose, or leave the selection to Isobel.  (We're doing this blog before checking if there has been a response, but in order to ensure no delays for sending the order from us this week, we decided to take a photograph - just in case the answer was in the affirmative).

The other enquiry is still just that - but as many Custom Orders begin in this way (but don't always finish with a firm order), we thought we'd tell you how we do these things - just in case anyone out there reading this post might be interested enough to follow through and maybe offer a Cuddly a new home as a result!!

MrAF (the Enquirer) wrote asking if we might be able to make a Rabbit Head small enough to go on a clip which could then be fixed to a shoe.   He phrased the question like this:

Are you able to make the head part as shoe clips at all even if made smaller so they are secure. I want the head to look like Peter Rabbit from the Beatrix Potter books let me know if possible. 

The example he used was this one:

Grey Rabbit Head Slipper,"Silver Fox" Unisex Plush Footwear,Made to Measure, Special Unisex Present,Unisex Footwear,Unusual Unisex slippers.

Now, as you know, Isobel is not much good without a specific pattern to work with, but it's obvious to anyone that the Rabbit Head on these Slippers would not be much good.  Also, using too small a pattern for a plush version like these Grey Rabbit Slippers might not be as successful as if they were made with fleece fabric, so she sent MrAF a link to these guys:

At the same time, she offered to experiment to see if it would be possible. (Her thinking is that by cutting the existing pattern a little smaller all round, together with the resulting seams, the head might not be too big for the final clip connection - especially where the ears are concerned.).   Current thinking involves cutting the pattern under the arms in an effort to create something resembling the photo sent back by MrAF , when he agreed that our Blue and White Baby Bunnies look promising, and providing a picture showing the colour he'd like.  

The pic sent to us by our Enquirer

Isobel responded by saying the her arthritic fingers might  not cope with trying to make such small clothing, but she'd like to experiment - not only to see if it would be possible, but also to be able to give MrAF an idea of the final cost involved.  The experiment has been sanctioned and we'e been given an idea of when the product is required (20th August, 2016).   

So, while Isobel continues with her next mobile project - using a mixture of  Blue Fleece Baby Rabbits this time around.  This means using the Baby Rabbits pictured above (and making some Dark Blue and White Baby Rabbits - shown here waiting to be stuffed)

Two versions of our proposed Dark Blue and White Baby Fleece Rabbits 
she's been cogitating the way forward for our Rabbit Head barettes (or hair slides as we know them in the UK).  Two of the hair clips shown on the card in this picture is one possible solution.  At least it's going to be attempted once the Rabbit Nursery Mobile is completed.  Isobel has cut out enough Dark Blue and White Rabbits so that they can not only be used for the new Mobile, but there will sufficient to list them as another member of the Coldham Cuddlies family (and get us nearer to the 100 Cuddlies target) at the same time.  (We're currently at 96!!). 

I'll end this now folks, so that Isobel can get down to brass tacks as soon as possible.  At least it's keeping her busy and out of mischief!!  See you next week - if Isobel can spare the time.  I'll try to make sure she does.

Your Friend, Cy Bear.

PS: Before I go - while editing this week's post Isobel has unwittingly found the solution to a problem that has eluded her to date - getting photographs that she has transferred from another site to remain in the centre of our post!  Hopefully, it will result in our future publications looking a whole lot tidier!!