Sunday, 30 July 2017

HQ temporarily away from base - but daily checks being maintained.

Hello Everyone - Cy Bear here today, on "guard duty" while Isobel commutes between home and TeamACE's base, three doors away, this week.

She moved up the road last evening, and is now house-sitting, dog and cat caring, while the Family are on an adventure camping holiday in Norfolk with lots of friends from St. Barnabas Cathedral at an annual get-together based around The National Catholic Shrine of our Lady of Walsingham. We've written about this place from time to time - because it's where Peter's ashes are buried, and Isobel and family try to visit it every year.  The get-together Team ACE are involved with is called "New Dawn", and it's something that's been on their "must do" lists for some time.  They left with the weather looking threatening, but dry:  news has been received that they all arrived safely, and the tent has been pitched - right next door to close family friends, the parents being GrandsonE's God Parents - so provided the weather co-operates, they're set for a lovely time.  Isobel has quite a crowded schedule this week, but will be able to fit things in so I'm not going to be on my own that long this time around.  Her "away time" this year is set for a few weeks hence.

Meanwhile, the retagging and retitling I spoke about last week has continued apace.  Daily listings in the Shop have continued - with more than one being done sometimes because there are quite a lot of Cuddlies requiring this attention at this time of the year.  Meanwhile, Isobel did complete the two new Baby Hedgehogs, more photos were taken - and here is one of the three examples now in stock in the shop -

During the week, two very new Cuddlies became eligible for re-listing, so the Ducklings - first introduced earlier this year - are now in place until 29th November 2017.  

They joined our Easter Chickens, which Isobel created at about the same time, but were renewed a day or two earlier.  When she made them, they were very experimental. She was making both the Ducklings and Chickens for the first time - from patterns provided by a Facebook friend - and in the Chickens case, she tried three different ways of making their beaks.

The Chicken in the middle has its beak embroidered throughout - and is not likely to continue with that look.  In life, it appears a bit cumbersome and unrealistic.  Not that Toys really need to be THAT realistic, I don't think.  The other two were made with different shapes cut out from felt, and Isobel has decided that the one on the left will be the future model we offer.  They don't need re-listing until 24th November this year.

Then, one of the other re-listings placed in the Shop this week was Hettie White Rabbit:  carrying on the "rabbit-naming" exercise, Isobel decided on "Hettie" (this model had previously been titled our "Halloween Rabbit", because of  dress and trimming colours she'd used when making Hettie in the first place).  The fabric for her dress is not only black and white gingham (quite a traditional mix for Halloween items, as is the orange trimming) but there is a rather unusual and pretty embroidered floral pattern involved as well.  Hettie comes complete with silk pantaloons trimmed with lace and can have a large carrot to hold, although these photos don't show it.  (Without a Carrot, Hettie will be £2.50 GBP ($3.28USD) less to buy!)

These two pictures were taken in our garden earlier this week, and show Hettie standing, as well as sitting.  She does prefer to sit, but provided there is something she can lean against, you can leave her balanced quite safely.

Then, finally for this post here's a photo of one of my best friends, Silver Grey Bear.  

He's sporting a bright orange ribbon, which shows him off very well, I think, and is eagerly looking for a Forever Home.  Both Hettie and Grey Bear have been registered as members of the Coldham Cuddlies Family until 25th November in the case of the latter and 26th November in Hettie's case.

Meanwhile, here's what happened to one of the Ducklings when he left us to travel to his Forever Home shortly after they were introduced into the Shop:

Meet Duckling "Super Duk"!  He now lives in Edmonton, Alberta
That's it for this week, Folks.  Looking forward to telling you about family and Cuddlies activities during the coming week, and wishing everyone good wishes for everything you plan to do!  

Your Friend.

Cy Bear.