Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Trying to get organised

Not easy, because there seem to be so many strings to the Etsy world and I don't seem to be getting the real hang of it all - just bits of it!

However, having started to make some sales (ever so slowly) am now concentrating on replenishing the shop and at the same time working out how I'm going to renovate Little Red Ted in a way that will not upset his long time owner.  Think I've worked it out:  once I've finished all the Baby Rabbits that Cy talked about in the last post (have two and a bit to go!) I'll get going and hopefully be able to do that project, as well as the Big Red Ted in time for April 27, which is when I expect the client to be attending a monthly meeting of the Ladies Section of the Royal British Legion, here at the Hospital of St. John.  By default, I am a member, and the meeting last month was where I was introduced to the Red Ted concept in the first place!

The Baby Rabbits have taken me longer  to do that usual - being so small, it really does work my fingers and thus is harder work than when doing projects like Cy and his Teddy Bear chums.  Haven't helped myself because I inadvertently missed a pattern piece out - which is resulting in the little fellas being smaller than usual.  When ready for the big world, they will be sold at a slightly lower price than the normal baby rabbits.  They will still have their ribbons etc. but are just littler!

Am also wondering what the effect of being interviewed by Mama Melinda for the http://www.InsideEtsy.blogspot.com/ on April 13 will be.  Probably not much, but on the other hand.....one never knows.  Have also followed her link to an outfit called Handmadeology, which is a site linked to Etsy and operated by a fellow Etsian.  His name is Tim Adams, and he seems to know what he's talking about not only about business on Etsy, but also in "the real world".  He runs an internet course which I'm also following, and think it will certainly be helpful in getting me to understand what I'm doing (or meant to be doing!) selling on the net.  See what I mean about "getting organised"?

Must stop now so that I can do some sewing:  am spending far too much time on the computer these days, but it is necessary (or so I keep telling myself).