Friday, 29 April 2011

After the Royal Wedding - what next?

We've spent practically all day glued to the television - watching the crowds in London watching the Royal Wedding.  Was very restrained and did not switch the television when I first got up (the broadcasts began at 0600 BST) but waited till my husband got up and allowed him to put it on instead (that was about 0800 BST) and it stayed on .... and on..... and on. Very moving and thoroughly enjoyable:  makes one proud to be British again.

However, am pleased to say that it did enable me to finally repair the damage to Big Red Ted.  The interrupted photoshoot will thus take place tomorrow, and then I will be in a position to blog about the production of both Red Bears (Little Red Ted's rejuvenation as well as the production of Big Red Ted).

The rejuvenation process was indeed a challenge, but it's given me an idea:  to broaden the Coldham Cuddlies shopping experience (visible by visiting  by offering to rejuvenate the beloved Teds of everyone else.  There are few households around I suspect that does not hold a beloved soft toy (not necessarily just Bears) that is in need of some TLC. Some folks might say the tattered toy has "character"  and it would be shame to lose it - but how about prolonging its existence for a few more years instead?   If I did proceed, dolls would not be included - have never been a "doll person" and I'm not planning on becoming one now!  Have nothing agin them:  just prefer cuddly, furry animals instead.

It needs thinking about - but meanwhile, wonder what the great big Etsy (and others) world might have to say?  While I await - with bated breath - any comments on this idea, I'll end for today with a picture of Cy Bear with all the new Baby Rabbits, four of whom were included in yesterday's post.