Friday, 20 September 2013

Some Cuddlies in their Forever Homes -and our latest news.

Hello Everyone!

Cy Bear back again, even though I'm at home in Heytesbury, and Isobel is away staying with her daughter, Clare and husband, Alan in Nottinghamshire.

Regular readers of this blog should now be aware that Cuddlies can now come in two versions.  The ones Isobel makes, like me - and those she restores to a new life in our Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing #79124185),  Recently, because we both feel the latter become honary Cuddlies while they become Patients, she has called her hand-made ColdhamCuddlies (CC), and those that are treated in our Clinic we have labelled Associate Cuddlies  (AC).  All our Patients qualify, but so do toys like the Pig Twins, who were listed in our shop at until they were invited to go to Italy to meet their new Forever Friends.

The Pig Twins were the first Associate Cuddlies, because Isobel only finished  them off by providing their clothes, as they had originally been made by our good family friend, MrsPC.  It was their arrival that made Isobel decide to create the Associate Cuddly tag - so that everyone who comes to stay with us leaves feeling they are part of our family.

The Pigs left Heytesbury on August 5 this year at the behest of SnraCF who wanted them as a First Wedding Anniversary present for her son DP and his wife, MTC.   She promised to send us photographs of the gift-opening ceremony, which took place over the first week-end  of  September.  You can read more about the Pig Twins in our post dated August 5, 2013 entitled: "The Pig Twins have Flown - to Italy"

Receiving the Present

The First layer removed

The Forever Friends together for the first time
SnraCF is a fellow member of the Etsy Seniors Rock Team, one of the regular Etsy Teams in which Isobel is a participant,  and we've been told that her family are expecting to be joined bya Little Person sometime in April 2014.  Depending on the gender of the Little Person who does arrive, we have been asked to provide a small Piglet to complete the family as a Welcome to the World present sometime in April 2014.  Isobel has a suitable pattern from which to produce either a little Boy or Girl dressed Piglet, so we'll keep you posted, obviously.

Then I was really pleased and excited to hear further news from my friend, Bernard Bear, A.C.  His Forever Friend, MrGS sent us a picture of Bernard sitting comfortably in his own armchair, and Isobel and I thought you'd like to see him.  

Accompanying this photograph of Bernard, was the following message from MrGS:

"Bernard with his two original older friends, Hephalump and Dog who are 

both in a very sad state, but pleased to be reunited."

The following photograph shows Bernard's two long-term friends better, and I'm so pleased to be able to have it remind me of the good time we had together while he was a Patient in our Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic!

With that, I'll end this post.  Do hope everyone is having a good time - and that everyone is well.  My guardian duties continue while Isobel is away - and it would appear that she is having a great time while staying in Nottingham.  The preparations for the Big Bash are coming together well and the Birthday Girl had a great day earlier this week - by all accounts.

Good night everyone - until the next time.  Cy Bear.