Sunday, 1 April 2012

New Developments on the Cuddlies Front.

Having completed my March obligations to the BESTeam, feel it's time for a return to normal Coldham Cuddlies blogging news, so here goes.

Today was able to establish that Mme Lapin and Mons. Reynard eventually negotiated their way through the hazards of inter-UK/French postal channels, and have arrived safely at their home in Normandy nearly two weeks after they left.  MrsIM while pleased to have them back again -  is somewhat taken aback by how much they have been changed while undergoing their rejuvenation therapy.  She's happy with how they look ..... but they're are NOT her little, long-time friends!  Well....that's what happens during rejuvenation, isn't it?  So, it's a big message to me that in future customers should be made more aware that what arrives in the Clinic may well look very different when they return home again.  Hopefully, by the time we go to see the family later in the year, everyone will have settled back into their accustomed relationship.  Meanwhile, despite the concern, have been assured that payment is already on its way!

However, I've also said that I shall be taking a new pair of leather boots for Mons. Reynard as I was never totally happy with how  his new pair turned out:  and it seems that the change of footwear is of particular concern to MrsIM.  Can't have distressed relations, can one - especially one's sister-in-law.

Yesterday, (March 30) news arrived from MrsTP residing in Monroe, NJ that Fanny and Francis Fox have also safely arrived in their Forever Home and that Emma and they were getting acquainted and loving being together.  The Foxes' journey from Wiltshire to Monroe only took 6 days, which was good, and they've already enjoyed a tea party!  Life looks like being full of fun for all concerned - and I am hoping that there will be pictures of the little friends before too long.

Fanny Fox, in the garden here in Heytesbury
While arranging the transaction, I also discovered that Emma is being home-schooled.  Now, that's something we ended up doing with our two daughters when were lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - and wished we'd done it a whole lot earlier than we actually did.  One of the things we arranged then was for our younger daughter, Clare, to acquire a Chinese pen pal - which was a great success.  Clare and her Chinese friend (who later arrived in Edmonton, just before we left to return to the UK in 1987) discovered on meeting that they were not only pen pals, but also twins:  having both been born on the same day!  During our conversations, I asked MrsTP whether Emma might like to have an English pen pal.  Seems Emma is keen to have a go, so I've put MrsTP and Clare in contact with each other, as Clare is Godmother to a young English lass and we'll wait to see what comes of this introduction.  Think it is a great way for folks to learn more about each other's lifestyles - how about you?

Sometime ago, I mentioned that I was going to include a woven label attached discreetly on future Cuddlies as they are produced.  After some to-ing and fro-ing, they have finally arrived, and with immediate effect all new Cuddlies will have one when completed.  Those who have seen the new label (which is somewhat different to the sample I included in an earlier post) approve and say it should complete the "professional" look of the toys, whether they be plushies, fleece or dressed ones.

Then, a final update on the newest Cuddlies' development - the domain  Those of you who know me, and have followed me - 156 of you now, by the way (as of today) - will have realised that I do have a tendency to tread where angels fear to go when it comes to things to do with the internet.  In  my urge to cover my rear end and not suffer like Lisa (see my post "A Cautionary Tale - March 29, 2010) and purchasing the site (US$9.99 per annum) I suddenly realised that having got it, I had not got a clue as to what do next!  So, I've contacted United for assistance, and their Support people have already been most helpful.  They've asked me several pertinent questions and ended up by saying "not a problem...we'll set it up for you......!" (or words to that effect), so I'm waiting with anticipation to see what happens next.  Will keep you all posted, although probably most of you computer-literate types will already know!

As for what happens next here - well it's stuffing Rusty, the Monster Bear.  He's spent over 2 weeks without anything inside him, is well and truly dry and has now had his eyes redone.  I'll tell you all about what has happened to him shortly - once I've "fought" to get his new polyester innards fixed.  Admit, I've been procrastinating a little - but tomorrow, I shall bite the bullet and get going.  The 6 kilo bags of fibre have been sitting on the chair where Rusty previously sat - looking like this.

There are six separate bags of fibre in this package!
While Rusty himself has spent the last week,  looking like this.

Rusty, with tissue paper round his eyes while they got varnished
Now, let's see what happens when I put both together!  See you all soon!  Isobel