Sunday, 10 July 2016

Two new ColdhamCuddlies Projects to be added to our Toy Shop

Hello there Everyone!  Good to be with you once more.

With Cy Bear enjoying a well-earned rest  from blogging duties, I've taken over to describe two more new Coldham Cuddlies projects which I've been working on recently.  They are due to be listed later today.

The first are some small Dark Blue and White Fleece Baby Rabbits - destined to join the existing Coldham Cuddlies Rabbit Burrow of Rabbit Pram or Cot Toys, all of them made in differing colours, and with either fleece or plush fabrics.

They've both been made in exactly the same way as all our previous Baby Rabbit Toys were, so no further descriptions are needed I feel.  Two of each version were made, because one each was intended to be included in our next Nursery Mobile project, which was completed last evening, while watching the highlights of this years' Ladies Finals at the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

As this latest Mobile was intended to feature our Light Blue and White Fleece Baby Bunnies too, I made some extra self-colour versions and before embarking on putting the Mobile together, took this picture of the combined bunch of Blue Fleece Baby Rabbits.  My landlords have recently installed brand new, "whizzy" central heating radiators.  They are most convenient when it comes to providing a surface with a background that is not cluttered with books and other furniture to be found in my living-room.  

I know I've said previously that I am incapable of producing an exact copy of anything I make - and I think this last picture illustrates that pretty well!  All of Rabbit Toys are cut out from exactly the same pattern:  they just never turn out looking the same!  Despite the way they all slope in different directions here, if manipulated carefully, they will all sit straight.  I just "snapped" them in a line - so that I could make my point - and demonstrate the collection from which our new Nursery Mobile is created with.

There are not many protruding points in my apartment - general health and safety precautions see to that!  So, finding somewhere to use in order to illustrate the be-ribboned polystyrene circle used as the frame for the mobile can be difficult.  However, one of the living-room wall light brackets does fit the bill, as you can see from the picture above.  You're looking at the reverse side of the Mobile hanging loop, which actually looks like this.

The selected four rabbits then had yellow 3mm yellow satin ribbons attached around the neck.  

These ribbons are sewn in place, but should it be decided to detach the toys down the road, when their young person has out-grown their nursery decor, the ribbons can be easily removed.  The Nursery Mobile Project is enabling me to use up "left-overs" (from knitting baby clothes in yesteryear - when I did still knit) but it can mean that sometimes one has to improvise in order to get the right length of ribbon for the final mobile offering!  I happened to have short lengths of the yellow and some matching blue ribbon (to the frame), so decided to use both so that the finished article looks like this.

This afternoon, before I began this blog post, and while the sun made a brief appearance through the almost permanent cloud cover we are enduring for our summer this year, I took the finished Mobile outside to get a photo in daylight. Although it was particularly blustery, these two shots of the finished article were achieved.

So, that's it for this week folks.  The experimental Rabbit heads on clips is still that - but hopefully it will have been successfully concluded by the time next week's publishing session arrives. 

Meanwhile, the Baby Monkeys Cy Bear told you about last week are due to be en route sometime next week - once a clarification of exactly what our customer is seeking has been received.  The order is very plainly for a Monkey:  however, the client responded to my question last week, by saying that she was happy for me to choose which one to send her - as long as it was a blue toy.  (It's intended Forever Friend is still en route, but she wanted to give it a Blue toy!!)  I'm seeking to find out whether indeed she wants a customised Blue Monkey (quite possible, but it would have to be in fleece because I have no blue plush fabric in stock - although I'd be happy to look around to purchase some if that is indeed what is required.) There's time enough for both scenarios to be satisfied - as the suggested dispatch date for the order is not until 26th July).  I'll keep you posted!

Rabbit Mobile hanging from one of the hand rails in the garden of my home, in a less blustery spot!
Meanwhile, do hope everyone has a great week:  if you're on holiday, do trust the weather is co-operating.  Until next week -  when either of us (or indeed both of us) may be contributing to the next bulletin!