Sunday, 22 December 2013

Making New Cuddlies for 2014 - Part Three

Hello Everyone:

 Cy Bear back again, and this time we're determined to finish this post about the Replacement Brown & White Rabbits - because Christmas is rapidly approaching, and we want to get the information out to you all, so that Isobel can post about some other things that she's planning for 2014 - for both the shop and the blog!

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Here is the Brown Plush Rabbit, completed with her apron and carrot safely stitched into the apron pocket.  The latter is only stitched to keep it from falling out every time the Rabbit gets moved or played with.  Isobel tells me that anyone can unpick the stitching if they decide they don't want to have the carrot there.

This is the rear view, obviously, of one of the Brown Plush Rabbits, showing how the apron has been tied around the white furry Bobtail.  The tails' final shape determines how they get  fixed to the Toy, and thus how the apron ribbons get arranged as well!  It's all part of making the point that our toys are all HAND MADE by Isobel, and thus are individual as well.  She is incapable of making two of us EXACTLY the same!

You'll notice a label on each of these Rabbits - this was so that MrsEB in Australia could choose which one she wanted us to send her.  And you can see that there was a slight variation in the way the collars were decorated.  No 1 had a Chain Stitch decoration around the edge of the collar, with one orange French Knot at the corners.  No.2 had alternate orange and green French Knots all around the collar. Their apron bows are also slightly different, because No. 2 is made with  shot-silk ribbon that Isobel had in her stash:  while No.1 has green satin ribbon, which we've recently purchased to do this project - and any slippers/toys that may require a green trimming in the future They look like this from the front.

  MrsEB originally ordered a White Plush Lady Rabbit, but during the course of the order being produced, changed her mind and decided to go with Rabbit No.2.  Yesterday, on the site, MrsEB wrote a review to this effect, which also tells us that everyone who travelled in the same parcel to Sunnybank Hills, Queensland, Australia have arrived safely

"We actually bought the brown rabbit, and she is gorgeous and beautifully dressed in her green gown and apron. Many thanks Isobel have a lovely Christmas and I will send photos as soon as practical".

Just to round off the post, here are similar views of the White Plush Rabbits, together with their respective labels.  Obviously, we'll include the pictures as and when they arrive - it is dependent upon the arrival of a Little Girl sometime in the New Year, we understand.

Etsy Listing #721688846
The material Isobel used to make all the aprons is a very stiff organza, and the off-cut from which all four were produced had a white satin edging at the hem. It is stiff enough to enable the Rabbits, who normally prefer to sit, to be able to stand, if they are carefully arranged - as in these pictures.  Isobel used mauve and green seam bindings to finish off the sides of the respective aprons, did some buttonhole stitching to applique the pockets to the aprons and just finished off the tops of the pockets with some stitching - machined in the case of the Brown Rabbits, and white embroidery yarn - to match the chain stitching on the Blue Collars of the White Rabbits.
So there you have it - how the first  2014 Rabbits have been made.  Because there are additional items on these models, there is going to be a slight increase in the cost of each Toy.  (The first such rise since COLDHAMCUDDLIES started operating  in 2010).  Isobel plans to spend the days between Christmas and the New Year adjusting these and has decided that with effect from January 2, 2014  all Coldham Cuddlies Toys are going to be listed in Great Britain Pounds (GBP) instead of  USD.  The Etsy folks continually suggest that this route is followed:  so, we're going to give it a go.
If we don't post again before Christmas, both Isobel and I wish all our Followers and Friends a really great festive season - whether it's Hannukah, Christmas or Hogmanay - may you all have a wonderful time.  We'll be back soon.