Monday, 3 June 2013

Made to Fit - Personalized - Novelty - Golden Yellow Furry Rabbit Slippers - Custom Order for Laura Curtin of EightBoardsFarm

Etsy Listing #152976020
These Novelty Plush Fur Slippers form part of the 2013 New Product Offer from the Coldham Cuddlies, and were listed in  at earlier this afternoon.

They are the result of  a meeting, via the Etsy Activity site earlier this year, when Laura Curtin  mentioned how she much would love some Golden Yellow Furry Rabbit Slippers and asked if I could possibly make them for her.

 (Laura and I have become firm friends since we first met (I think she followed me on Etsy, or it might have been the other way around!  Think the relationship can best be described as a fine example of how Etsy works when crafters get together and exchange ideas and views.  Laura has provided me with invaluable advice on how to tag, categorise and otherwise try to highlight the Cuddlies.  I've yet to put ALL her advice into practice with ALL the other Cuddlies.  It's on the "To Do" List!)

Now, I'm not usually capable of producing anything without a pattern:  however, my older daughter (whose memory is considerably better than mine) reminded me that in the early 1970's I made Felt Slippers for almost the entire family for Christmas presents - and having jogged my memory, she was also able to tell me how I did them!  (She used to sit and watch me doing them, and passed me the bits as I needed them - if memory serves.  See I'm quite good, once I remember!)

Thus emboldened, between us Laura and I have managed to produce a pair of  Foot Warmers, capable of taking socks if required, that fit her specific requirements (American Man's Size 10).  She wanted them over the ankles to the lower shin bone, whereas future models will reach below the ankle bone - with the same room for socks.  The specially requested Golden Yellow Plush Rabbit Slippers have been delivered, fit her well and even have their own names!

Jonty and Alistair - but I don't know which is which!
They consist of an insole to which an outer plush covering is lined with a  waterproof  fabric complete with its own black fleece inner layer.  Both fabrics are then sewn to the insole.  There is a plush covering of the insole, hiding the seams - in this case, it is made with the Golden Yellow plush.  (Please note, I have limited supplies of waterproof material;   I am currently seeking a long-term supplier for this, or a similar material).  There are plenty of various coloured fleeces with which to produce other models.

The plush and lining are sewn separately and fitted together so the seams do not show - either on the inside or outside of the slipper.  Animal heads - not necessarily restricted to Rabbits (they can be selected from any of the Toys available in the ColdhamCuddlies Shop) and the colours in which they are made can also be individually selected. Once the head is attached, each slipper is finished off with a satin ribbon edging with half inch elastic threaded through the ribbon.  The bow on each slipper conceals the elastic fastening - which is sewn in such a way to allow for adjustment - be it expansion or reduction, thus allowing for individual ankle conditions.

There are already 2 further Custom Orders in production - which will be listed when completed  One is for another Rabbit (in brown plush with a mauve lining and matching edging):  the other is for a Panda slipper - in black and white, with a white fleece lining.

To meet the Made to Fit offer, when ordering, the following information will be required:

(1)  Your normal shoe size.
 (2) If possible, a drawing of each foot - to accommodate individual shapes!
(3) Measurement of each foot from Toe to Ankle OVER the instep arch.
(4) Width of foot from side to side, OVER instep arch.
(5) Ankle circumference at top edge of slipper - to accommodate any possible swelling involved.

Armed with this information, it should be possible for me to meet your specific needs!

Slippers can be made for Children, Ladies and Men - once all the above information is provided for each person.

Prices are as follows:

Men's Slippers Size L-XXL                    USD61.40 per pair

Special Fittings (All)                               USD84.40 per pair

Ladies Slippers (all sizes)                       USD46.00 per pair

Childrens' Slippers (all sizes)                  USD34.99 per pair - all sizes.  Small ones can be as difficult to sew as  the larger ones!

Cy Bear's Farewell before they left for Florida
There will be a further post in which I describe how I made these particular models - and the two Custom Orders  mentioned earlier.  However, it will have to wait until the second pair are completed - hopefully in the next day or so.  During the process of our conversations while these two were produced and feedback received, Laura discovered patterns for Men's and Childrens Slippers, which she has kindly purchased for me and they are on their way here. It should, therefore, not be beyond my wit to alter these variations in order to meet future Ladies' orders.   These three experimental versions can really be described as "seat of one's pants" efforts. (I refused to accept payment for making these guys - except for charging the postage to get them to Florida - just in case they did not work.  The patterns are her way of repaying me I guess!)

All the best to you everyone:  it's so good to be back blogging once more.  Isobel