Monday, 17 March 2014

An unexpected update - in conection with The Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic

A recent photograph taken at the request of Clare and Alan in Nottinghamshire
Hello  Everyone- Cy Bear calling in - at Isobel's request, because we thought you'd be interested.....
Our post on January 16 2014 was entitled: "More About the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (the blog button is featured at the end of this post - which itself is also a development since January 16, incidentally.  In it Isobel tells about having a letter published under "The Lady and I" section of the Letters Page of The Lady Magazine, a UK weekly - which is supposed to be for the ladies, but is I understand equally often read by their husbands, once the wives had the chance to read each issue.  (I know Peter used to read it every week - before it was shared among other residents here at The Hospital of St. John.) 
Whilst understandably elated at the outcome, alas, our contact details were omitted - which did tarnish the excitement somewhat.  The Letters' Editor told Isobel:
  • Dear Isobel,
Thank you for your e-mail – I’m delighted you’re pleased with it, and yes, please do feel free to make mention of it.  Attached is a pdf of the page which you might find useful.

I’m sorry we didn’t actually include your name & town – I think we were so concerned not to seem to be promoting a business that somehow that got edited out altogether.
Whilst Isobel quite understood the Editor's dilemma, she was a bit disappointed - and the feeling was exacerbated during the ensuing days when her friends in the Village, who had been alerted to the possibiity of the letter being published, suggesed that "it was a real pity" that the omission had occurred, and what did they mean "fearful of being seen to promote a business!"?  Didn't they do it all the time?"  Their weekly book reviews as an example were an obvious "business promotion" etc. and so on.
Well in The Lady Magazine dated 28 February Isobel was surprised (and not a little delighted!) to see a letter from a lady in Israel, together with a picture of her bear, called Tim - named after her "maternal grandfather".  He's 70 years old and from his picture in pretty good condition (considering he's been played with by three generations of the lady's family - including 17 grandchildren, who are now all grown up).  The lady tells how she "could not understand what my family meant when they said his hair would not grow back - of course it would, mine did!".  Apart from that incident - oh and also losing both his eyes (what is it with Bears, that so many of them lose their eyes, I wonder?), all that is wrong with Tim from Isobel's viewpoint is that he could obviously do with a re-stuff - (he looks a little like my Friend Rusty - Philippa's Giant Bear, before he was treated in the Clinic)

 - and after 70 years maybe having a lukewarm soapy bath and having two new eyes. 
 She's written to the writer in Israel , via The Lady Magazine - who have acted as intermediary and have sent the letter to Israel - along those lines, and we await developments, with bated breath.
However, that is not all:  in her covering letter when asking The Lady to forward her letter, Isobel did allude to the comments received from our village friends - many of whom are equally devoted readers of The Lady - and the result is that in the edition which was published on March 14 (this week's edition, no less), there is the following item, at the end of the letters page:

Several readers have asked us how they can get in touch with the teddy bear repairer whose Lady & I story appeared in the 10 January issue.  Here are her details:  
Mrs. Isobel Morrell, 16, Hospital of St. John, Heytesbury, Warminster, Wiltshitre, BA12 0HW  01985 841006"

Well, that is a whole lot more contact detail than any other letters normally get - so Isobel is more than satisfied, very grateful to The Lady for acting so speedily to rectify the situation,  and we both now await developments (if any) with keen anticipation.
Rest assured - we will keep you informed.  Meanwhile, I'll close down this blog - until the next time.
Your friend - Cy Bear.
PS:  Isobel has been so busy responding in kind (i.e. making Treasuries) to the lovely folk on Etsy who have been treasuring Cuddlies with what seems gay abandon that blogging by her - with the story of how the Fox Head Slippers are made, and introducing some new Bunnies in time for Easter - has rather taken a back seat.  She hopes to resume communicating very soon. 
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